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October 19, 2005, 7:07 am CDT

3 year old will not goto to bed alone

Our daughter has been sleeping in our bed since about 2 years old.  She would not stay in her toddler bed.  We didnt mind then she was smaller and didnt move around much!  And I can admit it was a little laziness on our part of getting up and getting her back in there (though we did try at first).  Now at 3 and 1/2 years we want her out of our bed and at a set time.  She will stay up until we goto bed.  So most nights we lay down so shell goto sleep and we end up falling asleep anyway.  We try to lay in her bed (or one of us) but the minute you get up (even if its 1/2 hour into her sleeping) she'll wake up.  I just want to say of its 8pm time to goto bed and she does.  (thtats how it was for me as a kid).  I dont mind laying with her, reading a story etc....But my husband and I need some quiet time...Thank God we dont want anymore kids!!  (HAHA) 

I also have a 15 month old son (we never statrted the sleeping thing with him)  He goes to bed everynight at 8pm.    I am scared if we dont nip this in the bud soon that when our son is out of a crib he will try to do this to! 


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