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October 12, 2005, 6:23 pm CDT

VISION THERAPY home school ed son.

we started home scooling this year do to my son has traking and visong probles he is dislxea  

and the schools was not really doing any good we was getting a head then fall back so i thought what can it hrt we go from 1:30 to about 5;00 everday with sat sun day off, with a least a hR of home work when I am at work he has to do for me. 

 Do you all worry is they are getting all they need or learning all the right things or any of that.? 

Alot we do is reading  Sci is all hands on alote of phoincs do to it was like starting all over with the reading we have been doing HTS vision therapy 1888-810-3937 They have one for ADD and things in that line as well  as traking . look in to this If you all have not IT really does Work  I really helped my son   Do to alot is with there eyes and not really add and the things schools are so fast to pass things off as. 

  later scared and worred. 




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