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October 12, 2005, 8:33 am CDT

Work At Home

Im a mother of two kids 8 year girl and 12 year old boy and a wonderful gift of a baby boy on the way thats a blessing. due this coming March. 

Im frustrated that there are NO jobs and i mean nooo jobs in Iowa where I live that will not hirer me due to there so called standards. Which im told more like Discrimination than anything. 

I get interviews and they say 'Oh I'd love to hirer you right now you have everything we are looking for and you could start right away .....but.. im sorry we just can't work around the school hours for your kids. we have set hours only.' What abunch of blank. I havent had a job in like can't really remember when,   a few years.  

A few years ago my hubby thought its be a good ideal to take a home cource in Medical Claims Billing and therefor I did and I passed and have my Diplomia. my finail grade was 96%. They (At-Home-Profession Located in Dever Co) told me i could work at home for a local company working on Medical Claims Billing if i have Internet. Well Dsl is not out in the country. not one Medical Claims Company will hirer me even though i have proof and training they closed there doors and beside no company is going to trust any person to work on medical claims at home. So we was burnt out of $3,000.00 for something that was faulty. ( i have dail up if lucky ) 

Back in the 98 I had paid $30. to get a listing of work at home companys. Well it came and it was just a book called The Complete Guide To Home Based Employment . all it was is a book with home jobs and only gave half the information and alot of P.O. box for the companys address. and if you was interested in one ya had to send a letter for additional information to get started and send a self address. or to get free informtion. I tryed one for beeded earring i made the five they wanted send it back and they got rejected cuz they didnt meet there SO called Standards.  

There's got to be Some kind of company  where I can work at home making some type of crafts and using the u p s for shipping (u p s passes my house everyday on the gravel road) 

Ive looked online for them and I also see that not one of them is Redistared with the BBB therefor every one is faulty. 

I have great anger building inside cuz i want to help my hubby with the bills and everything else. My hubby is stressed out due to working two Jobs. Even though he'll say otherwise. where now he has a Skin rash caused by stressed, (is what the doc said) His first job is sales and works from 7am until 5pm the comes home eats dinner quickly, Then poof  he's off  to his part time job at an auto store for another 4-5 hours at night. He says hes not burnt out but I can see he is. The part time job is maybe a few nights and mostly every weekend. 

He told my father that he would rather work two jobs instead of having me go to work. I think that is very loving and carring,  

Is there really a thing called Work at home jobs. ?  To make money or something? Or is that just a saying as in work at home mother who cleans the house and cooks. Yippy.  


Please Let me know I would really like to hear from others about this. 

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October 22, 2005, 7:27 am CDT

Living on One Income

Quote From: queentween

There are 2 ways to increase income: make more or spend less. 

1. If you decide to go to work, you need child care, a wardrobe, transportation, and an acceptance that the job expects you to go to work at the scheduled time. 

2.If you decide to stay home, the ways you can save money are varied. You can  reduce the electricity costs by using the clothesline to dry clothes and using your appliances at night rather than during the day. You can stop buying prepared foods and cook all home cooked meals. SInce you are in the country, you can have a garden and freeze/can food for the winter. ALso, you can sell the excess. Since you have 2 kids in school, I am sure that there are mothers who would love to have a place for their kids to go after school- thats a great source of income- and its only for a few hours a day.  By staying home, you don't need to burn the extra gas going to and from work. I take 2 days a week where I do not start the car for anything- man, has THAT saved!!  Crafts are not the way to go. People who like that style want to do it themselves as a hobby. The profit margin is  non-existant.  If you smoke,Stop smoking. If you drink beer, booze, stop drinking. Make the kids kool-aid instead of soda. Hook up with a local food shelf and volunteer your time. You get to see people and you bring home some food. Don't go shopping. Prepare a list, and stick to it. Take pride in your home. Don't whine. Don't think about getting rich. Cut back the cable and hit the library.To be honest, your hubby probably enjoys coming home to a nice warm house with good food and a loving environment.  Go to church and meet some people.Enjoy your children and raise them well-thats the best job you can have- PS- don't listen to those ads on tv- they are full of beans.  They just want YOUR money- thats how they made theirs..... 


After reading your Quote I had to laugh. Due to you must be a person who lives in Town and have no clue about the Country.  First of all your not my mother and therefor I cant see why nor how you can tell me what i should or shouldnt do. Im a blunt person myself and the way your quote is wrote is like your some type of Councelor. I will not go there!!  Hang out laundry ?? I think not , you ever lived on a GRAVELED road as well as when the Larger Tractors are working the field and lets not Forget the Smell of Hogs and cows dew lingureing in the air to smell up any thing that is hung outside AND as well as the pestisides that are SPRAYed to. Hang out laundry you are funny. Only time that is Possiblie is when the wind is from the East. You reply to me like im some dumb woman who doesnt know how to save. Who are you? to do so. you dont know me. For your infor I do know the best times to wash our clothes and HOW to save on Electricity.  If i got a Job I do not need to buy new clothes NOR a sitter during school hours Nor a car. When living in the country you dont just have one car... lol and to your i can stop buying perpaired foods? Excuse me ? But I dont see that in my home. and as to your Garden thought lol ya ok Ever been to Iowa.? When the farmers Spray there fields goodbye garden grownth. and as to the canning thing. humm gee lets see that takes up alot of eletricity and causes alot of heat in the house. Plus with the pesticides on the plants you really think im going to get my family sick. gee wizz. Oh and lets see do i smoke or drink humm thats a hard one CONSIDERING my going to have a baby. Woman get a clue before trying to tell me what i should or shouldnt do. And to the make kool aid for the kids.. that has alot of sugar and thats called going to the dentist, They arent allowed to have pop. Dont see much of that here. and to hook up with the local food shelf.? Helloooo im not on WIc for your information we arent poor and Volunteer my time.? I think not takes GAS and doesnt pay to waste my time nor GAS to volunteer geesh. and I do not like to go shopping like the rest of the woman out there its call Pointless. I love my 100 year old home and Im not Whining over here. Thats what animals do 

You have NO CLUE !! Dont think about getting Rich Excuse me but every Person who lives in this Country does think about how it would be nice to get a head in life. I never said all i do is think oh i wish i was rich.. and Cable you think cable is out in the country.? lol you are funny. and Go to church and meet people.? Gee you really dont want me to reply on that one... lol and as to the last part raise my children well ..Do you know my kids.? i think not. They are at the top of there class. and as TV.. Why you think there is so much Anger and sickos and evil people. cuz of TV. nothing but Negitive whos killing who and how and why. 

Seems to me you have hiden issue that are bothering you and therefor you try to reach out for help in ways that arent healthy as if  no one is listening or understanding you. Im sure theres loving people around you that care but to redirct them torwards others you dont know is not healing them nor you. You maybe just trying to help but not when you reply in the matter that you did.  


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