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October 10, 2005, 2:59 pm CDT


My son dylan...i am 20 years old and i did a stupid thing when i was 18, barely, i got pregnant, Now this was the hardest thing i had every done i was just a kid didnt know any better i met a guy and we talked for a couple months then bam dylan was coming no if ands or buts, so many nights i cried because i kept telling my self that i could do this that i wasnt ready that i wanted to wait until i got married, Well Dylan is now 20 months old and i couldnt have been more blessed, he has changed my life around, he made me grow up, made me become an adult, I look back and dont know where i would be or who i would have become if i wouldnt of had dylan but you know what none of that bothers me because i love who i have become and i am still with Dylans father we arent married and a part of me is glad, Although i am still young and dont get to go out much i wouldnt change anything in the world, because i know that i am the happiest i have ever been in my life.  


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