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October 9, 2005, 3:59 pm CDT

Plastic Surgery Outside the US

Hi all,  


I just wanted to share my story.  


I always wanted a tummy tuck.  My tummy was disasterous (you'll see pics below). 

ANyway, when I finally got the coarage to researcha tummy tuck, I was quoted an average of $18,000 for the tummy tuc procedure i wanted.  


I was heartbroken.  Wanting this procedure very bad, I decided to look into going south of the border for cosmetic surgery.  


I gound a plastic surgeon in Mexico who agreed to do my procedure for $5000.  He even included full body lipo, and a little fat injections to my belhind.  


Here are my pics: 


See why Im so happy?  


Plastic surgery outside the US is not for everyone.  For me it was a safe, and cost-saving alternative to PS in the US.   


If anyone wants to look into this, I did most of my research on 


If you want to have PS, don't get discouraged because of money, where there is a will there is a way! 






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