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October 8, 2005, 2:52 am CDT

Who Would Want Me As Their MOTHER ??




On my good days I can be the most loving, caring, giving and nurturing person.  I can be your best friend, your psychologist, your confidant... you get the picture.  On my bad days I can be the most irritating, snappy, emotional, angry, selfish, evil person who needs a psychologist. 



The problem is I never know which one is going to show up.  I am 28 years old now and I think I want to have children on my good days but on my bad I am happy that I don't have children so I can't screw up their lives.  I have more good days then bad... but the bad days scare me.  I do not have a good relationship with my mother and I don't want my children to not like me or hate me or have my bad days mentally effect my children for the rest of their lives. 


So my question is, If I know all this going in should I have children?  Who would want me as their Mother? 


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