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October 11, 2005, 3:41 pm CDT

Good Parenting

Quote From: jettav

Good parenting is striving to teach and to guide our children into becoming good, productive, and caring adults. Knowing that we are not perfect and that we make mistakes and when we do, we are willing and able to admit that we were wrong and apologizing to our children is a strong asset as a parent. We must be willing to to make changes when needed but at the same time stay strong in our beliefs and convictions, being true to ourselves as well as our children. Parenting is not easy but a great rewarding experience and a good parent will be there for their children and will step up to the plate no matter what, even in the midst of chaios and mistakes. I think also we must not compare ourselves with others as we are all different personalities as well as our children and parents who think they are better then others, well, I do not consider them a good parent, I think it is all in the attitude and desires within ourselves and the efforts that we put forth in raising our children. One may be a great parent but it doesn't always mean our children are going to grow and become as we had taught them as eventually there will come a time when they will make their own decissions and decide their lives paths. a good parent, I believe will pray often for their children and consistently help teach and guide them in the hopes that their children will grow and mature and be a responsible adult. Always encouraging and complimenting when needed and deserved as well as disciplining and guiding affectively.

This person has it RIGHT!! 


So many people treat their children like pets, just something that will be around for it's lifetime.  Most parents don't seem to realize that a parents' job is to RAISE children.......... to teach them how to be adults.  Adulthood is where they all (hopefully) are headed. 


Also most parents don't realize that children need to be taught predominantly by EXAMPLE. 


I wish people would talk more with their children.  I started talking with mine as soon as they were born!!    Who KNOWS what or how much a child may understand at any age???  With this technique, my children scored in the 99% in any vocabulary and verbal skills tests they were given!!  They are all avid readers. 


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