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October 7, 2005, 3:17 pm CDT

Breast Feeding, Condoms, Discipline

First thing is first. 


Breast feeding just isnt normal to some people. Not all washrooms are gross whats wrong with going in there and feeding! like i know if you were at a park there might not be a washroom around. but when ur at a resterant make an effort to go to the washroom and do it. People are eating and they just dont want to see that. 


breast feeding + resterants = please no 


Condoms in school IS a good idea. i mean, you educate kids on sex and they will still do it. Im 14, and i havent done it, but i have friends. You tell kids not to do drugs, they are still gonna try it out.  


Atleast if you make condoms avalible kids wont get so many desieses. and it reduces teenage pregnancys 




i must only say, these kids are young they dont know better, if your annoyed by them, be the better person and walk away. 


since when do 3 year olds know any better? 

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October 8, 2005, 7:18 am CDT

one BIG problem

this is so unatural but its true. 


ok im 14, grade nine 5' exactly and one other thing. 


im 80 pounds. 


Its sounds gross, but i dont have a eating disorder and i dot have any bones sticking out of my body. Im picky eater. but i eat alot. especialy fatty foods 


i dont know whats wrong with me. 


You see all these people on dr phil with there weight problems. 


Does weight problems only mean you need to lose weight? 


like i wish i could gain weight, i try. i eat alot. 




im so skinny. 


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October 8, 2005, 7:29 am CDT


Quote From: jettav

Wives are meant to love and to honor their husbands just as husbands are to love and to honor their wives. Husband, if you want respect then you must also respect your wives. I am a stay at home mom with a wonderful husband. We work together as a team because we love and appreciate each other. Yes, my hubby worksa paying job and I am home with the children, but parenting is a 24/7 job and there is absolutely no way the wife/mother can do all this on her own. Knowing that she has a husband who loves and respects her and has no problem reaching out and giving a hand does wonders for the wifes self esteem, it certainly boosts her ego and desire to be the best wife that she possibly can be. My husband is a hard worker and gets his breaks and outings but he also knows that he helped create our children and has the responsibiltiy to make sure that he does his part in taking care of his family. My children love their daddy and loves it when he walks in the door, They don't cry and fuss when mommy leaves all by herself cause they know their daddy loves then enough to play and spend time with them. They have a great bonding relatoinship and I believe it is becasue of the attitude that my husband has. We are helpmates and we are there for each other. Some husbands need to get off theri high horses and love and honor their wives and step up to the plate in helping with the home and kids. You might actually enjoy the bonding and positive attention that you get from your wife and even your children. Of course wives need not to hound their husbands and tell him often that she loves him, don't expect him to come straight home and to start working, let him have some time to relax and to get settled in. Marriage is about two people and both of them have an obligation to love, respect and honor the other. It isn't about who is suppose to do what and who gets the privelege of being boss, it is about being helpmates and being there for each other. It is my wifestyle to love and cherish my husband to encourage and build him up and in return I get the same, our marriage is not perfect but we have a strong foundation and that foundation is our Lord and our love for one another.
This isnt just the husbans fault for thinking thats whats wives are for, its the wives fault too for marrying into a relationship where the guy thinks thats what shes supposed to do
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October 11, 2005, 1:55 pm CDT


its almost like  being afraid of what everyone else thinks. 


i mean my friend has a big bust. and im no more than a A cup. 


who gets attention? 


what is perfect? 


is it the magazine cover? or is it what everyone else around u thinks u should look like. 


We all here there is no such thing as "perfect" 


yet... how come we need to be? 


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