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September 23, 2005, 6:51 am CDT

Raising Boys

I am a singled parent raising two boys. Their father is not an active part of their lives. They have recently began communicating with him on a regular basis this past February. My concern is about my 14 yr old son. I have caught him downloading and looking at porn on the internet. I found pictures of porn in his room. I know he is growing up but the pictures he has been looking at is of men. He said that he doesn't know why he does it. He saids he looks at their bodies and wish he was built like them. He is obsessed with his body changing and feels scrawny and skinny. His chest looks like breast are developing and it bothers him. He also looks at naked women and is starting to become interested in girls.  


I don't know if this is a normal behavior for boys, since I am not a boy. I have taken the computer away, had serious discussions with him, and even discussed right and wrong behavior. I don't want him to feel like something is wrong with him or that he can't be true to himself. I know I can not teach my boys to be men, I can only loved them and teach them morals and values for living a successful and productive life. Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation or rather or not this is normal behavior is welcomed. 


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