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September 22, 2005, 8:45 pm CDT

southern baptist parents

Well I dont know where to begin really. This is my first message.  I am 21 and 2 weeks after my 19th bday my dad had enough with my so called chosen lifestyle. So, the christian counseling didnt work out the way he wanted, so he took my house key and my new car at the time away from me thinking  that would chage my feelings and make me straight.  OMG Well little did he know that I had another thing coming. I am doing better . I still have my moments. Holidays are pretty tough. My first Christmas ...not getting nothing at all...just a card basically telling me im going to hell doesnt sound to loving if you aske me....and not a thing for my bday was even harder. I just never thought that something like this would ever happen to me.  Dad and I have not talked in 2 years.  Mom isnt thrilled but she tells me that it would have been different if she had some say so in what to do with my sexuality. My brother that is 25 is not having anything to do with me either. A month after coming out, my brother says he is called by god to preach!!  How ironic is that. So fake lol. The family just laughs about it still to this day.  I would love to here from anyone out there ...their story or if they have anything to ask me or commits about my little life story.      One thing i have learned....sometimes in order to gain something. you have to lose something

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