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January 2, 2007, 1:51 pm CST


Quote From: ceildh1

Finally, a new show.

I don't blame the guest that is scared of clowns or costumed characters, I NEED to see someone's face, for me hiding behind a mask is just plain CREEPY, I don't go into full fight or flight mode, only if they try to touch me, but otherwise I just walk by and don't even look at them.

Computers taking over the world ? Okay to be fair, we fear those things we don't understand, but I wonder where the idea of the mouse shocking her would kill her came from ?  I admit, I'm pretty useless if I can't just  "point and click", and I don't like to try new things ( the last time I did I crashed the silly thing, $200 and a new hard drive later, I'm back to "point and click" ), but I am taking a course to LEARN, and maybe that's what she needs.

Twenty two with a security blanket ? what's wrong with that, I'm 37, and cannot sleep without MY PILLOW, I take it EVERYWHERE I might be staying the night, yes even hotels, and I still have my childhood Teddy Bear, that sits on my bed, my husband thinks its funny.  Her fiance if he's the problem should just get over it, its a small thing.


But the last guest, hey, if you can't walk the walk, then don't talk the talk.  If you're too lazy to do it, then Shut Up about it to other people, looking forward to the confession, but she should be warned, there might be some backlash.

Happy New Year to All

I'm 32 and I have a blanket.  Granted, mine is washable and certainly looks nothing like the gals from the show today.  LOL!

I was married at 19, divorced at 22....remarried at 25 and have been married now 7 years.  I've had my blanket with me on two honeymoons, Hawaii and Cancun....and yes, it goes everywhere where I stay overnight as well.  Oh,'s been in the labor and delivery room during the birth of my two children!   WHATS wrong with that?!  I think that the new fiance is the one with the problem!  If it bothers her, then that's fine, she should do something about it THEN.  But, if she's been pushed to do something about her blanket because HE doesnt like it - that's not right at all.    It is a very small thing. 


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