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March 5, 2006, 8:04 am CST


Quote From: lampliter


        Is Bi-Polar hereditary? We can trace it back several generations in the family. 


My understnding is that there are several genes associated with Bipolar Disorder.  The more of these genes that you have, the more chance you have of becoming Bipolar.  Additionally, genes 

are just part of the equation.  Having any number of these genes can make a person more 

suseptable to the disease, but life events, especially trauma and stress can be the catalist 

turns a few burning embers into a full blown blazing fire. 


If you are related to a Bipolar person it is imperative that take care of yourself physically and 

emotionally.  This means eating right, sleeping enough, stress reduction techniques, leading 

a low key, low demand lifestyle. 

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March 5, 2006, 8:30 am CST

Financial challenges of mental illness


I hope that Dr Phil addresses the financial burden associated with a mental illness.  Even though I 

am insured, there is still a problem with parity in insurance.  Most insurance pays for only a very 

small portion of treatment, especially if you don't  choose a therapist in their network.  I have been 

to plenty of therapists and phychaitrists.  It is in my best interest to see the person who is the most 

effective in treating me, as apposed to someone in the network who isn't as effective. 


Most of us with mental illness require several medications.  These medications are not cheap. 

Bewteen my therapy, my medications, my phychiatrist, I spend a small fortune just to get well and 

stay well.  If I have to choose , how to I determine what to give up; should a skip a few weeks of 

therapy or give up one of my medications. 


I didn't ask for this disease, I didin't get it because of a character flaw or because I did something wrong or bad.  I have the misfortune of  bad genes and a phathological childhood; neither of 

which is my fault. 


I am committed to healing myself and my children.  My 15 year old daughter is suffering from 

depression.  She is on medication and in therapy.  I have passed on my flawed genes and 

disfunctional behavior just as it was passed on to me.  It stops here and it stops now. 

My parents ignored my problems/issues. I will not do this.  My children and I deserve better. 

We deserve to live a life where our gifts can be nourchured and  our souls can shine. We deserve 

to live a life free of depression so deep it steals away your spirit and mania that steals your mind. 


I have been handed this HORRIBLE situation and I have passed it on to the people I love the most. 

I am trying so hard to heal us and treat us but the cost of this makes it very difficult and adds  

substantial stress. 



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