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September 14, 2005, 2:17 am CDT


I didn't think of myself as the other women until just recently.  I met a wonderful man about a year ago.  We just moved in together.  He moved to my state 2 years ago with the military and his wife chose to stay in her state and move her boyfriend in with her.  He didn't file for divorce when it happened.  He was insecure and didn't think he would ever find anyone else.  When he found me he said he decided to file.  May I remind you this was a year ago.  She has been fighting him on the divorce supposedly.  He did however get a Legal separation.  I see him moving in with me as a commitment but am I wrong to want more of a commitment?  I want to be engaged to him, I know I know he is still married but to me that would be a bigger commitment than just moving in with me.  I feel he has the best of both worlds and is in no hurry to get the divorce done with.   I don't want to push him into it but on the other hand I have 2 small children that totally love him.  He is amazing with them.  Much better than their own dad.  Do I give it more time or pack up and move on with my life?  I do love him but I was played in my first marriage and am terrified to get played in this relationship.  Any advise would be grateful.  Thank you!!  


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