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September 8, 2005, 5:11 pm CDT

Need Guidance

i am asking for help/guidance for my friend who is quite concerned about his ex-wife and his children. it has been brought to his attention that the mother of his children is using and selling narcotics out of the house/garage. he wants to turn her in but is worried that his children will be put with social services if they find out about this. she has a live in nanny who is with the children most of the time except for weekends. we are fully aware that any teacher or healthcare provider can and will turn her in to the authorities if they suspect proof necessary.   


he knows if he confronts her, she will deny it all. she is bipolar, which also causes her to be irrational. she has gone to rehab when they were married and he is afraid that she has taken a turn for the worse again. supposedly she has lost her job in the banking industry. she has no friends that she respects and her parents are equally screwed up as well.  


we are seeking information for the safety of his children. he has 49% joint custody according to his divorce decree. he doesn't know how to get her help and get custody of his kids at the same time.   


any suggestions??  


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