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September 8, 2005, 1:11 pm CDT

Single Mom's balancing act advice

It seems to me that non-single parents give such simple solutions to single moms!  IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE!    


I am a single mother with very little money.  My husband who has been an abusive alcoholic is now addicted to crack and has abandoned us.  I have managed to be involved in my daughter's school and after school activities.  I know this has made a difference.    


I have to get back to an 8-5 job in-order to survive.  I have no transportation to get my daughter to school & back or take her to her music group after school.    


The advice I have gotten:  ask your new employer to work around my schedule, pull your daughter out of after school activities, maybe she can walk (over 5miles alone) etc...    


I am very discouraged.  My whole being tells me to go with my first priority and passion---to care for my daughter enough to aid her in becoming a healthy adult.  Though my realty says work & bills number 1-- then daughter.  I know we have to survive physically but how can I balance this?     




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