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September 7, 2005, 1:48 pm CDT


Quote From: smmacleod

Well, I am hopeschooling my two boys this year. We started in the summer. We do 1/2 days 6 days a week and then our Sunday lesson. Both of my boys are Bi-Polar/ADHD etc. There are days we do a page and stop for 15 minutes. It depends on their activity and attention. After we move I am hoping to put them in a gymnastics or martial arts. I want them to have the activity and contact. 


I am willing to take any advice. I just ordered Switched On Schoolhouse which are used in the ADHD/Bi-Polar schools I looked into. There are tons of free items on-line. SM MacLeod 


I too have a son who is 13, ADD and just diagnosed with Cyclothymic Disorder - I'm not too sure what that is but I guess from what I understand it is like "pre-bipolar".... We were all so frustrated with middle school last year that I attempted to homeschool my son for the last three months of the year. I found a wonderful book "Homeschooling your child for free" It was jam packed with great websites and other useful information. Check it our at your local library!  


I wish you the best with homeschooling.  




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