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September 21, 2005, 9:55 pm CDT

why the meanness?

I have been working a this company for nine years. I made some really good friends. Unfortunately, I witnessed a fellow employee purposely harm another and for five years I had to deal with her retaliation. Now that the company finally fired her, I thought I would be able to come to work and actually enjoy being there without "looking over my shoulder". But this woman had befriended a couple of ladies that are known to be extemely neive and need a "leader". Well they are mad at me because their friend is no longer there. Now they have taken over where she left off. I am at my wits end. I am tired of being the victim. How do I approach this short of quitting my job.  Mind you , most of the other people I work for are great, but these two are gossips and mean spirited. But they are very good at putting on the innocent charm with anyone else is around. Some have figured it out and know they are phoney, but some are still in denial.  I am on the edge and dont know what to do.
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October 18, 2005, 6:52 pm CDT

Workplace Bullies

Quote From: lucky35

You're peace of mind is more important than any senority at a company or money. You could possibly claim harrassment.  I would document everything being done to you or said to you. Harrassment charges are a long shot because you'll probably be the one fired if you decide to go that route, but since you've been there for so long, you might be able to get an attorney to represent you.  I would talk to an attorney and see what he/she says, too. If you can't find one to back you up then I wouldn't do it, but if these people are this way now, they won't change. So, you might consider looking for another job.  It just isn't worth the stress you're under to continue with a group of unprofessional, mean-spirited people like these and unfortunately these are the type of people that companies usually keep and they let all the good employees go.
Your so right! I did decide to apply to another job. Things got out of hand and I did ask for help from "higher" ups. The reply I got was I was just trying to set up these people and the finished with a snipy remark that he had better things to do than deal with it.  I decided that they can have these witches.  I am looking forward to working with new employer, they do not tolerate such behavior, even gossips are fired post haste.  Thank you for your advise, it was very much appreciated. It will be awsome to actually look forward to going to work. :)

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