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September 5, 2005, 9:39 am CDT

We're in the same boat!

Quote From: hunny7784

 I am a 21 year old emetophobic, and have been this way since I was in 2nd grade.  I am not sure what exactly triggered this fear but I do remember a time before that when I was not afraid of vomit.  I am relieved in a sense, to know that there is someone out there who also experiences what I experience.  It completely takes over my life, and I do not go a day without thinking about whether I'm going to be sick or not.  My fear definitely accelerates in more foreign surroundings and that is when more anxiety takes flight.  The worst time is when a family member gets sick however.  It completely consumes every breath of me.  My habits take a turn for the worst so as to avoid the contagious germs.  I also have this immense sense of guilt for people who vomit because to me, it is the worst feeling in the world.  I have no idea how to go about curing this phobia because it doesn't seem like there are specialists out there who know how I am feeling.  You really don't know what a phobia is like until you have to constatnly deal with one...I'm sure all of you can relate to that. 
I'm a 37 yr. old female who's lived with this same phobia pretty much my entire life and i'm not sure what triggered it. I'm sure most people hate vomiting but what makes it that we are so deathly afraid of it??? I literally runs my life! It definitely keeps me from living (what i feel is) a normal life. I have passed on many vacation trips due to it...sadly, i will not have children because of it, for fear of morning sickness, let alone the fact that small children vomit quite frequently, and what kind of mother would i be when i would want to run away when the poor child gets sick? :-( I even become fearful of going to church now because once a poor man suffered what i believe was a heart attack and started vomiting and eventually was taken away by ambulance. That event replays in my mind each time in church and at times it brings on horrible anxiety attacks to the point where i want to just run out of there, but the thought of people seeing me leave brings on another fear, that of embarrassing myself. So i can surely relate to your situation, hunny!! I feel too, like certain therapies that cure most phobics, just could not cure one like ours! Such as the desensitization terapy...what do they think they're going to do...make us vomit until we're desensitized??? I THINK NOT!! It's a bummer that you and I, along with others who share our specific phobia cannot get together whenever we want to, although it's sure comforting to know we are not alone in this. May God bless you, and may He one day grant us a miracle, which is freedom of this paralyzing fear!!

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