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September 7, 2005, 7:38 am CDT

I Want to Adopt

Quote From: marsh70800

  It makes me sick and breaks my heart to hear everywhere and anywhere that so many unwanted babies being thrown away like yesterdays trash. I have wanted more than one child but the man upstairs, God, has other things in mind. I have one biological son Brett, three wonderful (legal step children),Tony, Heather and Jenna but by heart they are mine and claim to everyone they are mine. Their mother has nothing to due with them in years. I have wanted to try and have more but my heart fell in love with a wonderful man that has had a vasectomy and we cannot have any even though we desperately want more. The laws make it so expensive to adopt that people like us can't and so many unwanted babies waiting for perfectly good homes and families ready and able to raise them as their own, can't get adopted. These teens aren't willing to take them to be adopted they just get rid of them however they see fit for them. Please contact us we will adopt no questions asked nothing, just a happy, loving safe home. We have four, plus any and all neighborhood kids that want to come over and stay the weekends and/or play at any time possible. We love and take care of, at times, our Autistic 4 year old nephew, who is our joy! 

  Please if you are or know someone that is not ready or able to take care of or raise their baby before or after birth, Please contact us through this message board. We are a loving family in Ohio. 

  Dr. Phil any adviced would be greatly appreciated. 

  It really upsets me to hear about young girls who just get rid of their babies. I am a 27 year old and I can't have any of my own children but eventhough all of it  my husband is still with me. We really love kids but will never have our own. If they don't want them then they should at least try to find someone that will love and take care of the baby. Children don't come into this world on their own. When I read in the newpaper or see it on the tv I start to cry for the baby. All the children want is to be loved by someone that will love them. Dr. Phil please tell me what I can do.  


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