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August 28, 2005, 5:33 pm CDT

Toddler Bed?

Ok my daughter(22  months) always has been a good sleeper but recently her dad went to 3rd shift, and I work days and go to school at night. So her schedule is all confused. But I just recently changed her bed into a toddler bed! She was always crawling out of her crib. Now she refuses to stay in her bed at all!! I mean I've never went through something so frustrating in my life! Is this normal when you switch beds or is my child just doing this because of our schedule? I know Dr. Phil says that about how the child in coming into your life, your not going into your child's, so what should I do to make her stay there. Nothing is working for me? thanks so much!!   
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August 30, 2005, 8:59 am CDT


Quote From: ceders2

We had the same sort of problem with our daughter when we had taken her out of the cot and put her in a big bed. For the first few nights it was very exciting to her to be in a big big bed!! And of course she could get out of the bed and that was alot of fun to her, but not to us!! 


Hubby ended up making a gate to put in her doorway, rather than having to shut the door on her which we didn't want to do, we put a gate there instead. So she can still see out of her room and she is quite happy about that. 


So maybe you could try that. Anyway, your little one will settle soon enough you'll see. Anyway please TAKE CARE. LOVE KELLY. 

Thank You Kelly I will try that tonight actually!! Thanks so much for you input! Nicole

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