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August 27, 2005, 4:15 pm CDT

my sexual past

 this might be the wrong section but i couldnt post on the right one. oh well

Hello, i am 24 yr old male. I never had a girlfriend before. I had sex with a prostitue a couple times last year. It was mostly on a whim and I didnt even think about stds at the time. 4 months afterward  i got a check up and I didnt have any stds. yay.
Now my  dilemma is should I reveal this to a potential future girlfriend? Should I just say "Ive never had a girlfriend" and let her think I'm a virgin? But I have this creeping feeling we won't be as intimate as I want if I do that, and I keep having flashes of how mad she would be if I reveal her the truth later on.

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