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August 26, 2005, 10:34 pm CDT


My daughter has been playing Baseball since she's 4 1/2!! She's 13 now and switched from Baseball to Softball 4 years ago. She has really enjoyed it alot. I don't remember a single time her telling me she didn't want to go to practice or a game ever. She also started playing Soccer when she was 4 1/2 but had to give it up after 6 years to play Softball because the schedules overlapped each other so she had to choose one or the other. Softball has become very expensive because she has reached a very competitive level. We have traveled all over Washington State and parts of Oregon, we even made it to a National's Tounament in Texas in 2003!! These have been such great times for all of us as a family. My older daughter and I both really enjoy watching her grow into a SUPERSTAR!!!   

So I guess in my opinion sports are very important for your children. They help teach disipline, time management and keeping them in shape. (Not to mention it's fun)  


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