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August 26, 2005, 4:29 pm CDT

Teens and Sex

The way I see it is your kid and the porn is so normal. I cant think of ONE kid that age that hasnt done it. He wont be gowing out of it anytime soon even when he is 50 he will still look at it. Taking your kids privleages for that will make him ashamed of his sexuallity but he shouldnt do it on a family pc. Im not een saying he even should but I would punsih him for using a family pc. If he would of just kissed the other boy then that is normal. Girls do it dont they? Thats how they learn to kiss. But the oral sex is a too much. That is wow. But your kid hasnt found himself yet so he may not be gay he may not be straight he might just be bi or he just dont know. Make sure your kid understood that he was punished for doing sexual acts at a young age and visiting porn NOT THAT IT WAS WITH A BOY because if he is gay or bi then it will make him ashamed of it and have a harder time coming out. I think a therapist is a horrible idea I would suggest a teen center. They have counselors so its an option to him. Good luck. 


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