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August 26, 2005, 1:22 pm CDT

2 12 year old boys experimenting with sex with each other?

I am in need of some advice.  Another boy's mom and I found out today that our 12 year old son's have experimented with kissing and oral sex with each other!  They have visited porn sites together and have discussed different sexual acts that they might want to try with each other.  I am shocked and don't know what to do.   


I had a long talk with him this afternoon.  He says he doesn't know why he did it and promised not to do it ever again.  He says he didn't enjoy it, but that he lied to the other boy saying that he did (in an email which I have).  I asked if he liked other boys and he said he wasn't 'gay', but that 'no girl would agree to try those things with him'!  Should I trust him?  Should I punish him?  What should the punishment be? Should I take him to a psychologist?  Or is he just experimenting what other kids his age begin to experiment with? 


He's very embaressed.  I've taken away his computer privileges, except that he needs to use the computer for school.  We talked about AIDS and HIV.  We talked about adult acts...but I really don't know if I should punish him or let it go.  Do I watch everything he does, not let him be with other kids his age, or will that make it worse? 


Please give me some advice...someone. 




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