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August 23, 2005, 7:55 pm CDT

weight loss

It seems that everyone is obsessed with losing weight.  Either they want to and can not or they have some type of eating disorder.  My problem is that I can not gain weight.  I have looked all over the Internet to find a web site to help but the only ones are for men to build up their muscle mass.  Everyone seems to think I have some kind of eating disorder because I am so tiny( I'm 5ft 6inches and 103 lbs)!  I have always been small and always been teased about it.  It seems the entire world is worried about how overweight people are treated.  What about the people who are ridiculed for being too thin?  I am so sick of hearing that I need to eat!  I honestly eat all the time and do not gain weight.  But it seems there are no weight gain programs like there are weight loss programs!  Any suggestions?  


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