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August 22, 2005, 2:32 pm CDT

Mindless husband & father

The Jones' boys might have been consider great catches, but this one is a total bum!  He sat up on that stage and blamed his wife for his lack of responsibility and showed showed what kind of man he was.  Whether or not his wife had MS had nothing to do with it.  Good families are created when people give up the word "I" and start using the word "we." 
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August 22, 2005, 7:49 pm CDT

No guts nonsense!

Quote From: washedup

I am the mother of the Moocher.  I know it is my fault but I have no guts to get him out.  He is my son.  It really came to a head last year after my husband passed away.  His wife also left him the same month.  So he moved in with me to "Help me out".  And share our lonelyness.  He does work.  He pays his child support to 2 different wives.  And he pays his ranch payment.  That's it!  He drives my truck that I make the payments on and the insurance payments on.  Plus all the maintence on.  He has a truck.  It's sitting in my yard.  Flat tire and uses lots of gas.  Until the past 2 months he has given me no money.  Now I get 150 a month.  His take home is about 500 a month after all his deductions.  My husband did not have much insurance and after paying his expenses there was not much left.  We have gone though that now I live on a VA pension that does not pay the bills.  Yet I do not have the guts to tell him to move home.  His electric has been cut off and his water well is busted.  Neither of us has the money to get that fixed.  So here I am feeling sorry for him but I hate myself for it.  I want him out on his own and let me sink on my own without his help.  He is 35 years old.  What do I do?  How do I get the guts to do it?
 You don't have the guts to throw him out because you want him right where he is regardless of what it does to him or eventually to you.  You son is NOT a replacement for your husband.  Let him go and make his own life and you make yours.  He's been married twice and is living with his mommie.  Don't you think it's time you stepped up to the plate and acted like a loving mother?

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