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August 18, 2005, 1:25 pm CDT

running out of daylight

  1.    this psych i have now says i am in need of a 10K LUX box for this winter. I had been unable to be reach this last winter, for the withdraws and coping skills weren't there for me; frustrated & distraught was all i had to offer. the 2 hours at my brothers house at x-mass i was in complete silence, and other parties i went to, people kept asking me if i were alright. its embarrassing.... granted the sun came out and i find i can actually post a message now for the first time since last year. I haven't been able to read my e-mail for months. work ha ha although i start a new job come sept. and taking care of myself, well it a challenge. I have very little contact with people and my counselor, well i fake it most the time. i think if I'm going to keep this job i will get the 10K LUX box, or I'll have a repeat of last year. any thoughts of how 10K LUX boxes work for others?/???? 

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