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August 18, 2005, 1:55 pm CDT

Grown daughters yelling!

My daughter is 27 and has a daughter 5 and one 3. My daughter is constantly yelling at the girls, mostly the 5 year old. She does not know how to discipline. She yells and they yell back, then it gets into a slapping and hitting match. She seems very partial to the 3 year old who seldoms gets in trouble for anything. The 5 year old is very sassy and so is her mom. The 3 year old is beginning to do the same. My daughter yells shut up and they yell it back, then it gets very heated with both having strong wills. I can watch the girls for a week while the parents are on vacation, etc. They do wonderfully. Not perfect, but there is no yelling or hitting. My daughter gets upset with me when I intervene. What can I do?

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