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August 18, 2005, 8:50 am CDT

My Grandaughter Hates Kindergarten!

Maybe some of you can help me with this problem:  my 5-year old granddaughter hates kindergarten!  She's been going every day since August 10 and I was hoping this was a problem that would eventually go away but instead it keeps getting worse every day.  She cries and clings and makes her mother (my daughter) feel very guilty.  She attended pre-school for three years without all this, but it's a new school, new kids, new routine.  We've tried de-emphasizing the negativity by emphasizing the positive aspects but still the behavior continues.  I feel sorry for her and don't want to be cold-hearted so what's the answer?  The teacher and principal have told us to tough it out and it will get better in a few days.  Yesterday I had lunch with her at school and she asked if I could take her home so I think I made it worse instead of better.  We went through all the crying and clinging again when I thought my visit would bring her comfort.  We've tried putting her favorite stuffed kitty in her back pack for comfort but this doesn't seem to have helped.  Some of her comments are "I would like to bulldoze the school," "My teacher is annoying and I don't like her," and "I hate PE most of all.  It is stupid and boring. They make us dribble-I hate to dribble!"  Should I just be patient and give it more time?  I'm the one who picks her up in the afternoon so of course then she's happy but no so in the mornings.  P.S.  She's in good health and can already read and gets enough sleep and eats well. 

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