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August 10, 2005, 5:08 pm CDT

try homeopathic medicine



This is a long story but I have bolded the bottom line for you:



I wanted to give you information about homeopathic treatment with no side effects! , if you could   please share with your guests on the OCD show 8-10-2005



I would like to share that I had tried conventional medication, and had a very difficult time with the side effects, so I tried several things that have helped tremendously and stopped my panic attacks



To give you a bit of history,



I first have had anxiety all my life and I  was diagnosed with ADD with anxiety



I decided to take medication based on the fact that I was getting on all my friends nerves and thought it must be bad if my friends are pushing me to get treatment.



I tried paxil and celexa and both gave me severe side effects.



I was introduced to a homeopathic practitioner and started my journey:



I went to her and they typically evaluate you for an hour or so with a lot of questions ect, I thought to myself while at my first visit, Lord, I pay $80 bucks to see a regular doctor and they spend 5 minutes with me! I was very impressed!



Then they had me take a remedy, they chose for me based on their  evaluation, and I believe I took that same remedy about 3 separate times over the next 3 months, mean while I was slowly going off the medication. I felt great and the remedy had worked!



Then there came a time when my thyroid was under active and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the doctor said I would have to be on the medication the rest of my life most likely, I said to myself, I am going to go back to the homeopathic practitioner  and see what she says . She put me on a remedy that I took twice a day for 6 weeks, it has been almost 2 years now and my blood work has come back normal and my weight has stabilized , and I feel great!



Then a few months before turning 40 and a few traumatic events, I began to have Panic Attacks…. I had no idea what was going on with me!



One day while having a panic attack I called my friend and  had my her  rush me to the homeopathic practitioner (my friend thought we were rushing to a regular doctor, when we got to the parking lot she thought I was crazy, I should be in the emergency) (Please note this was my 4th panic attack and one of the panic attacks had been while driving and I developed a phobia and would not drive)



When I arrived, the homeopathic practitioner brought me to the office along with my friend, and assessed me for about 5 to 8 minutes, she then gave me a remedy to place under my tongue and within 2 to 3 minutes, I was calm and said “I feel much better now” My friend looking very confused and shocked , said” what, well that is like a miracle” The homeopathic practitioner said , “well yes it is kind of like a miracle, homeopathic remedies can work within minutes in an acute state”



To make a long story short, I am panic attack free and I would like for others to have opportunity to hear of this alternative (homeopathic medicine)   that may work wonders for them.







Two other tools  that I also used later to expedite my healing was   Thought field therapy, nicknamed:  tapping therapy and a CD on positive affirmations by Louise hay.



 By using the homeopathic remedy and using the tapping techniques and listening to the CD and repeating affirmations daily, I am now panic attack free .





I believe the quickest results were the homeopathic  and tapping , as they worked within  about 3 minutes!





When  you have a chronic problem, homeopathic remedies stay in your system and can take more time to work completely, this is why I used the other tools to keep me from diverting back to western medicine, and I am sure glad I did , it was worth the wait, however  during an acute attack, the homeopathic remedy would work in minutes. But to completely stop them from returning , that took a few months and with no side effects!





There is no one particular remedy for panic attacks , a classical homeopathic will pinpoint the remedy just for you . There are no side effects! And sometimes it is only one dose under the tongue will do the trick for good!. (do not be frightened, when I tell you my remedy was made from rattle snake venom) You will need to read about homeopathy to understand that this is safe and no side effects. Other remedy’s  that have been around for 200 years are made from all kinds of things like flowers, wolf milk, poison ivy, chocolate, tobacco, arsenic and more,  even newer remedy’s that are only a few years old are made from things like coco cola classic, or equal. There is also another good remedy that you can purchase and homeopathic recommend for an extra touch, Rescue remedy by Bach , you can get this in a health food store, good to drop under the tongue just before flying if you have a fear to fly  or for 2 weeks if going through a traumatic event, like divorce , death or some other trauma.



Since I have no way of contacting them, Please share this info with the guest you had on your show ( 8-10-2005  the OCD show )  who were suffering, It could be an alternative that will help them





If for any reason they need a referral, the best type of homeopathic  practitioner is “Classical “ type






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