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August 5, 2005, 2:35 am CDT

everything leans south at this point

i need some corrective work done but cannot afford it. i have bags under my eyes and permanent frown lines on my forehead. my breast are good sized but are now needing to be lifted last baby just graduated high school and somehow i still need my tummy tucked after i have been eating healthy and working out for years to no avail. i do have a beautiful white smile and i have earned my laugh lines by using laughter and happiness as a stress reliever. i noticed it have affected my body image that does affect my self image, i don't feel as good about my body as i used to, i would like to turn time around before i turn 47 in december.  i am a die hard optimist but i have noticed my optimism has given up on my body and moved on the other areas of my body. 

if there is a nonsurgical approach i would like to try it. i believe holistic medicine may have new approaches to a old problem.  


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