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October 7, 2006, 8:09 am CDT

10/09 The Dr. Phil House: A Family's Last Chance, Part 4

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I know this show hasn't even been aired yet, so I might see a resolution to some of my concerns on Monday, but I think our concerns should definitely be on these poor boys. As a CASA Volunteer (Court Appointed Special Advocate, a voice for children in the courts), these boys need a CASA volunteer in their area and/or an ad litem, to help these boys get into a healthy environment. This mother is a liar and can't be trusted and know how to play to the camera. The father will never forgive her and will continue to make her life miserable. To hear a young boy even discuss the word "suicide" is unforgiving. They should be more worried about football games,cartoons, and taking care of zits!

Dr. Phil, I know you will take care of this situation, and I look forward to see the final show. I'm worried, but hopeful. The parents are more immature than these wonderful boys. I loved how they felt a sense of relief after your chat with them. How wonderful for them to finally feel a sense of relief knowing none of this is their fault. I hope they will be OK.




Agree with everything CASA Volunteer said.  There seems to be a lot of time wasted on this couple.  They should not be together.  She clearly has no love for him, and he is desperately

trying to control her, somehow thinking this will make things better.  Does anyone seriously

think her sleeping with other men will stop?

The only reason their story is of any interest at all, is because of the kids, who are the real losers.

Please, help the kids, as much as you can, but get this couple out of the Dr. Phil House, and

get people in there who are serious about improving themselves and their relationship.   

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October 22, 2008, 9:31 pm CDT

Fathers should have same rights as Mothers

I agree that it should take more than DNA to make a father responsible for a child.  Although I believe you should start from the basis that any man and woman who have sex should know a child could result, and then go on from there.  If a man can show that he was lied to, and made to believe there was no chance of a pregnancy and he had no reason not to believe it, I think he should have the right to opt out of fatherhood.

Remembering that the mother has that right also under certain circumstances to opt out of motherhood, the father too should have the right under certain circumstances.  I think both of the men on the show should have had that right with their circumstances.  How much good does it do a child to force either parent to be a parent when the child would be much better off with a family who actually wanted them and loved them?  A child would certainly be better off with adopted parents than with a mother who had them merely to get money from the father.  Don't tell me there aren't any mothers like that.  Sometimes protecting a child means getting them away from their parents.  If a single mother wants to keep her child, (hopefully out of love), she should be willing to do it by herself  and not drag an unwilling father into the child's life.  By the way, I am a woman, a mother and a grandmother. 


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