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August 4, 2005, 10:58 am CDT

SAHM who Homeschools2

I love staying at home with my 2 girls! We also Homeschool. My husband and I would have it NO other way. I enjoy being around my girls and teaching them daily. Sure we have those days that nothing seems to be working right but we manage. We belong to a Homeschool group but most activities are on the other side of town so we go to the park, library for story time and museums for fun. I do miss adult interaction sometimes but I am content the majority of the time. When we tell others we Homeschool they give us a funny look and go about their business trying to keep their distance. Sometimes it seems hard to make friends and connect with other people when they find out we Homeschool. We enjoy it. It gives us a lot of freedom to learn, experiment and do whatever interests us on a daily basis. After all we learn when we're interested, right?! So we keep it fun so it doesn't 'feel' like school. The best part of all is we're together as a family and have a strong bond. My girls feel safe, secure, loved and get that one on one attention when needed. Any other moms out there that are Homeschooling too?

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