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April 26, 2008, 7:18 pm CDT

when step daughters tell your child her father is nothing to her father.

I have a 29 year old step daughter who is so selfish. She is all ways putting my 13 year old daughter she is nothing to her father. He is the only father figure my daughter has had sence she was 8 years ol and I have four other children and all so have my step daughter older daughter in my home.  I hurt because of the talk but i never treat any of the five children in my home any diffrent. I only have one at birth but I took all them in to my home and that make's the chidren all equel in my eyes.  Any one can be a sperm bank but it take a special person to be a mom or a dad. That means love and not showing any child that one mean's more then the other because no one is any more to our father God we are all equil to him so all should be the same in our eyes.  I do love all the children in my home the same. Even my Grandaughter to me there is not no adopted or step they are my children and grandchildren. Even my step daughters i dont only have my daughter i have his children are mine when i marred him I marred his children and love all the same. But he and I have to look at the one's at home and the care they need first and the grown ones we have to pray for them and love them but only thay can make choice to go right or wrong. But let them all know we are and do love them no matter how life is what a person chose's for thir self's

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