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July 26, 2005, 11:48 pm CDT

Staying Motivated

Quote From: jmhawaii


I've lost 67.2 pounds with Weight Watchers and have just 4.6 more to go to get to goal. One of the things that's helped me alot to stay on track is to break the larger goal down in to a series of smaller goals.

I started out at 207.8 pounds with a goal of 71.8 pounds to lose to get to 136. Although I have always been aware of the total I needed to lose during my journey, I didn't focus on that. I focusted on small things.

The first goal was to lose enough to be weigh in under 205. I didn't care if is was 204.8 - it didn't matter how small the amount was to get under 205 - as long as it was under 205, I'd met my goal. So, each weight-loss goal was small. And alot of small goals add up.

The other goal I set for myself was to concentrate on changing my behavior so when I do get to goal, I'll be able to deal with not gaining the weight back. I've been focusing on doing things that don't involve eating and on enjoying making healthy choices when I do eat. And to be able to eat anything, including sweets (my former "downfall") in moderation.

I also had to realize that in the past, I didn't want to give up overeating - I got too much pleasure out of it. So I had to be willing to give up the overeating; waht was the use of making the time and effort of losing that much weight if I really didn't want to give up the behavior that got me fat?


That is awesome! I am just starting out with trying to lose weight and have decided to keep an online journal of, well, my journey. I've been doing it for a little over a week, so far so good. But I'm not stupid - I do know there will be tough times ahead. Reading stories like yours is really inspiring to me and gives me the motivation I need. Do you know of any online support groups? Again, that is awesome that you are so close to your goal! I know I don't know you, but I know what it's like, and I'm proud of you and hope to one day be where you are at - satisfied. Thank you again for the inspiration.




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