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July 26, 2005, 12:59 pm CDT

Don't Do It

...Don't marry him, Kiza.  At least not until he stops.  I married my husband five years ago after only dating for a few months and discovered his porn habits while I was pregnant with our daughter.  He won't stop...doesn't care that it hurts my feelings and thinks I am the weird one.  I even tried to join in by watching a video with him.  All my questions during the film only made him angry...until he was yelling and I was crying.  The last time I checked up on him on the computer was about a month ago...after confronting him he changed his password to both his part of the computer and his email.  He claims I need to learn to trust him.  About six months ago I found a cd case full of burnt porn videos in the car under the passenger seat.  I took them and last week he finally had the nerve to ask what I had done with them.  He got really angry and threatened to retaliate if I had thrown them away.  I should have mentioned from the start my husband also has anger management issues.  He also says it's normal, I'm weird, get over it, begs for me to watch films with him and then gets angry when I bring it up.  He'll never stop and blames me for not giving him sex when he wants it and not giving him the weirder things he wants during sex.  My biggest fear is that he'll cross a line...not child porn, but teens (which if you ask me is virtually the same thing) or maybe get into phone sex or the real thing...Had I known about all of this before we tied the knot I would have run the other way.

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