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July 26, 2005, 1:48 am CDT

whats next?

My boyfriend and my mom dont really get along very well my mom is very out spoken and loud she speaks her mind. And my boyfriend isnt used to that type of person. The other night we all went to this free concert in out home town and after wards we were all find untill we started talking about what we were going to be doing afterwards, well my bf wanted me to come over and watch a movie with him and my mom didnt like that she started getting in to it saying how i am never home and how he needs to spend more time with us as a family and the thing is that when he does try to do that she tells him he is over to much. It is driving him away. On top of that my mom has something mentaly wrong with her i just know it, and i try to explain that to him and he dosnt see to get it so he takes everything personal. I am so scared that he is going to leave me becuase of her. Family is very important to me and i want him to be apart of that family as well. We have talked about getting married and now i am not sure he is even going to ask. He wants to move away and start over and i am not sure that is the best thing to do we had a talk and that is when he told me he wants to move before the years end. I am scared to tell him  how i feel because i love him with all of my heart and i dont want to lose him ever. What should i do? should i let him go and then later me move down their or tell him and hope that he will concider my feelings and stay and just work here and try to cope with my mom?
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August 13, 2005, 10:03 pm CDT


Quote From: sinnis

Wow, I think I fit into this forum atm....

Well I went through this before with an ex-bf....

If you really have respect for your mother you should sit down and talk to her alone about this whle thing and tell her how you feel and then do the same with your bf. If you have a great relationship with your mum you definately DO NOT uner ANY CIRCUMSTANCE want to throw it away for some guy.

Don't move away on account of his dis-like of your mother that's your MOTHER, he should respect her as your mum, a lady and a human being.

 yeah well me and my bf ended up breaking up but i feel so bad like a peice of me is missing, i spend like 2 days in bed crying like he fell out of love with me a while ago. I feel like my family was to blame but i dont know i am hoping that my feelings for him will go away so i can move on with my life but my live isnt complete with out him, but i know that he is ok and has moved on i just know it...i dont know should i just try to get him back....i dont know i love him but i think maybe their is some one else out their for me i just hate being alone and i feel so depressed all the time like i have no reason anymore...

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