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July 25, 2005, 9:30 pm CDT


 me and my husband got into cc trouble when we were young

and ended up going bankrupt

it has been horrible ever since that day

we cannot get anything now

even tho its been around 5 years its still there

i get so sad everyday when i hear about people buying a home

i get so deppressed i cant get out of bed

i feel like a looser every day

and i worry what my children will think of us

we cannot figure out how to start makeing good credit again

we both dont make alot of money to pay back what we owe

now since we made more dept

does anyone have any advice for us

we could use it

have a nice day!

sher n dave

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July 31, 2005, 5:02 pm CDT


Quote From: gklassen

My wife and I are in a familiar boat. Life just doesn't seem to be going our way but somewhere out there, there must be hope. We've tryed paying one debt at a time but the others keep pilling up with interest. All the best to you and your family hope there is a light at the end of your tunnel, your freinds from North of the border.

 i read your post and me and my husband are in the same boat

did you go bankrupt?

we did like 5 years ago and now we cannot

buy anyhting at all

we struggle everyday

we are tryign to find out how we can start

building new good credit but

we dont know how

if you would like to chat sometime about

dept and life lol

i would love to

my email is

 hang in there

and keep your chin up!!

  sher in pa

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September 10, 2005, 8:38 pm CDT

just found this group

 hi everyone  

i just found this group and i thought i would write and say hello  

i have been deppressed off and on for a long time  

and have been on every kind of nerve an deppression pill you could think of  

right now i am trying to stay off them but its not easy  

me and my husband have been married for 8 years and in those 8 years  

we have moved in and out of my mother in laws home  

at least 5 times now  

every time my husband tells me that its better this way  

and i should give it a chance the proublum is me and my  

mother in law have never gotten along   

my husband thinks in time we will but i know its not true  

so here i am again living in her home feeling scared and nervous  

i dont want to loose my husband but i dont think  

this is going to work  

has anyone been in this situation?  

i could really use some advice  

 sherry in pa  

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September 10, 2005, 8:49 pm CDT


Quote From: freakygirl

Hi- my daughters are 14 and 15-they have a friend who is starting to hang around-who dresses very revealing,(she is 13) and she is very pretty. if she wears shorts-its always daisy dukes and halter tops-or low-low rise jeans,and skimpy adult blouses-i see my 48 year old husband looking at her a bit too much for comfort-not that he is a pervert-she definatly does not look 13,and she is wearing very revealing clothes.My question is-what can i say to her,so she understands that it isn't okay to wear immodest clothing at my house? I do not allow my kids to dress like that,and never will,but i don't want to alienate this kid either-her mother dresses the same way-and i am overweight-so i am at a loss as to how to approach this-the reason i mention my weight is-as soon as i say -'look-you can't wear revealing stuff to my house" i think they will jump on the 'your just jealous' bandwagon. 

  Even if there is a grain of truth to that-my kids are honor students ,focused on education,never in trouble at school-the 13 year is the exact opposite-detentions all the time-a boyfriend at 13-but the thing is we live in the country and she is the only other kid for miles. 

hi i can understand you completly  

i also have a daughter who brought home a friend  

and she hardly has clothes on  

and also her mom to  

and like you im over weight so i didnt say a word  

but i never liked when she came over  

it was hard to do but when she came to the door  

i would tell her my daughter could not come out  

this girl would come 3 or more times a day  

and i would keep saying the same thing util she stopped  

you really should do the same   

as i did  

your kids will understand why you did it  

if you would like to talk my email is  

you sound like a person i would like to chat with  

good luck  

sherry in pa  

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September 10, 2005, 8:55 pm CDT

still fat

 this is my first time writeing here  

i really need a friend who is going throug what i am  

being 290 pounds is so hard  

i have really good days and then really bad  

i have finally got myself to diet soda and that was hard  

is there anyone who would like to be my partner   

each day is a struggle   

my email is  


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September 10, 2005, 8:57 pm CDT


Quote From: sophia47

this is my first message.  i have put off for a long time doing this, but i need people to talk to that understands where i am coming from.  weight has always been an issue with me.  i am begining to see it is where i am in life and who im with that is the biggest problem and how to deal with that is my priorty.  i am a woman who weighs 294 pounds and i have not said that to anyone before.  that may be the start of healing my self.  i hope to be on line to read and share every day.  love and laughter to all.

i would love to chat with you about weight  

it is a struggle for me everyday  

if you would like to chat my email is  

 hope tp here from you  

 sher in pa  

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October 17, 2005, 6:47 pm CDT

new here :)


im new here my name is sherry i live in pa 

i have a lot of weight to lose and i am not doing so great 

i am hopeing to make friends! 

i wanted to thank you  cherie for inviteing me here 

 thanks sherry 


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