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July 26, 2005, 8:37 am CDT

still figuring this out....

OK, I'm still getting confused, but thats just the way it is.  The one thing I liked about the DP boards is that it wasn't all that complicated.  NOW I AM FINDING IT COMPLICATED, but somehow I don't think it takes that much to make me confused these days.


I'm glad we can all finally come back to our usual meeting grounds.  I missed you all so much.


Last weekend we spent it camping at the ND State Fair.  It was heaps of fun....I left the girls with G'ma and G'pa.  They had a great time too!


Anyways, got lots to do, but I wanted to come check this place out.  I've got to repack my bags as we are heading to Ron's for the night to watch his ballgame.







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July 28, 2005, 8:01 pm CDT


OK....I'm still not got this thing figured out.  So if I miss anything or whatever, please forgive me....pretty please.


Is this supposed to be easier?? better?? Who is in charge here anyways??? 


I guess you can see I have lost my girls somewhere.  I'll have to search them out.


Things are going well on this side of the planet.  I'm heading again to the state fair with Ron and his kids.  Next year Ron wants to take my girls....oh my I can already picture that.  Things between us are still great, early but great.  The girls absolutely love him and his kids, brothers, sister, neices, nephews and the rest of them.    They are all very family orientated bunch, just like me and my family.  I do think they may just be closer because they lost both their parents not all that long ago and of course they all sort of work together. 


As for my work situation.....well I've been applying at a multitude of places in this local vicinity.  Nothing as of yet.  I dunno if I emailed this part or not, but I did apply to be a city police officer in the city close to me.  I passed the mental test part, now all I got to do is pass the physical test....thats the part that worries me.  I have a month to train.  So wish me lots and lots and lots and lots of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly - thats great your Mum can be there still with you guys.  I bet she is having the time of her life.


Neecie - I bet you are having the time of your life right now.


JP-  So what have you been rubbing on your face lately???  Anything new????


Tap...where are you???


J - where are you???


Well you could have posted here, I may have just somehow not seen it cause this just sucks!  Oh well change is good......I guess!!!


Bye for now!!!


If I missed any of you.....just know that I am thinking of you!!!!





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August 9, 2005, 9:17 am CDT

Hey everyone.....

So I'm slowly figuring out how this whole thing works.  I did a bit of lurking last week. I honestly didn't have much to say....yes, to everyones surprise I'm sure. 


Kak - our little Remy is crate trained.  He does so very well.  I take him outside about once an hour during the day when we are home.  He sleeps in his crate at night beside my bed, on a little bench so he is level with me.  He loves his crate - he goes in there to escape from the girls.  I know you are doing the right thing with your Itsy.  You will have to send some more pics when you can.  She is so precious. 


Tap - I'm so glad you got on here.  I'm looking forward to the time changing for you all so I can actually get on here at a decent time in the evening.   


JP - I loved your little bird upside down.....I'm so happy your sis is doing well.  What a worry! 


Neecie - get on here, share some great stories from your reunion and relive them here with us.  Be happy!!!   


Kelly - I'm glad you are all doing well - as per usual....lmao.   


Trace - how is your daughter???  Have you talked to Sue lately???  Updates.....please.  :) 


Now I know I'm probably forgetting someone/something, but you all have to know that I think of you very often and then I usually can't remember what I wanted to type when it comes right down to it.   


I do hope that they change this format to make it a little more user friendly.  The space that is wasted is shocking.  


I'll give another post to let you know whats going on here with me.   

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August 9, 2005, 9:51 am CDT

this is not good

I just spent....oh I can't remember how much of my life just passed by on a freakin' post....then I hit the "post" button and it made me re-login....then my message was "poof" gone.  This is not fun....I'm not liking this. 


I spilled my guts, I gave all the scoop on my great things are.... 


I told about jobs/no jobs etc.  OK....I'm a little annoyed at this whole thing. 


I will have to come back later and re-type the whole thing.  Bloody hell.  I just know I will forget to tell you how good things are finally coming along and how much this guy has changed our lives. 



Your very frustrated and loving friend.... 



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August 9, 2005, 7:48 pm CDT


Quote From: lokithor

Anyway.  Talked to Sue today and she says to say hi to all of you.  She's been trying to log in now under three different email addresses and has gotten no responses from the DP powers that be.  She can still read messages, which is a good thing.  Please say hi and send her your love and your best.  


How many minutes do I have left?  Geeze.  Let's see.  My daughter is doing well.  Need names for a girl.  Chris and I still aren't together.  Need help for  us (actually him!)  My brother left for Vancouver and I cried buckets.  Need kleenex for me.  My cat Rocky still isn't well (who knew that a grooming for a perfectly healthy cat would cost $500 and leave her almost dead)  Need good thoughts for that ten-year-old shy kitty.  Send money for laxatives. 


That's probably about it as my time is up.  Love to all of you!   Phew! 

Glad Sue is trying to get on here.   We miss her terribly. 


HI SUE!!!!!!! 


Girl about Hannah?  Emily?  Emma?  Phoenix?  I dunno there are just so many!!!! 


Whats with Chris anyways?  and whats with Rocky???  Did you take him to a Laundry Mat by accident?   


I hate the time thing too........damn! 

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August 9, 2005, 8:07 pm CDT

here goes.....


OK this time I am composing this on WordPad and then I'm gonna post it. It took me so long last time as Remy came over to me and barked.....he is so smart....he needed to use the "outside potty". We haven't had any accidents in a very long time - or it seems that way anyways. 

As for my job - I'm still busting my butt to get in shape to try out for the City Police job. It can't hurt to get in shape even if I don't do the try out or if I don't pass it. I've lost 5 lbs so far and I'm hoping to lose about another 10. I will be oh so happy.... :). I had an interview with a Bank yesterday, but it might only be for a part time/casual position. At least Unemployment Insurance will kick in to pay what I'm not getting. I've been applying at lots of jobs, so here's hoping I will get one in the very near future. I'm still also considering taking the Medical Transcription course and working from home. Time will tell though. 

About Ron and myself. Its all good. I wish I had met him years before. I may have really cause he used to play soft ball here in town, we know the same people and I think we played in the same tournies.....go figure. Anyways its been 1 month and it just feels like so much longer. The girls and I have been spending our weekends and some weekdays at his place with his kids. We all get along for the most part. Of course my girls get on the older kids nerves sometimes, but that is to be expected. His are 15 (boy) and 12 (girl). My girls adore them and they absolutely love Ron. Well who can blame them....I feel the same way. We have lots of fun together....but now its getting time for him to work hard so I won't be seeing him as much. He told me I can always head out to his place and if he isn't there...he will be at some point later on. So I think the girls and I are gonna pack up tomorrow and head out there for the night. Its about 1 hour away, but its an easy drive. I'm not looking forward to the winter driving though. He asked me one night if I could ever see myself living on a farm in ND....yes, I can. Its peaceful and I don't worry so much about the girls being outside like I do here. Yeah I know its a small town, but the location sometimes brings undesirables here. He even mentioned adopting the girls if it wasn't a big fight (with my X). We are both looking for a long term commited relationship and don't want to waste each others time. He didn't want to be with anyone that didn't want to live on a farm. Thing is I could still work in the city that I'm currently looking for work in, so it all works out. 

For the first time I actually don't feel doubtful in a relationship. I feel secure and I know where I stand.....right beside him. 

The girls and I are happy when we are at his place. My parents even came out on Sunday to spend the day and then head to the lake nearby. I'm thinking they really like Ron.....I haven't seen my dad talk that much to anyone in a long long long time...lmao. 

Now I'm wanting this to work so pass on the good vibes..... 

Hugs to you all! 


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August 9, 2005, 9:07 pm CDT

hey tap

Quote From: tapestry6o

 I'm glad--really, really happy--that things on most fronts are going well for you and that the vibes are good. But, dang it, slow down!!!!

You might be the most resilient person I've ever encountered. Slow down! You're bouncing too high too soon, I fear.

I know....I know....I know. 


I think both of us are just looking for the same thing.  We are both wanting someone to share our lives with.  We have alot of fun together and are hoping we can make a go of it. 


I'll slow down....I just get excited in more ways than one!!!!! 


BTW - I love your new pic......... 

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August 10, 2005, 8:52 am CDT

yum yum yum

Quote From: neecie24

I think I've told you all about our friend from Switzerland, Franz, who is a pastry chef and was on the Food Network recently.  Of course, he came to the reunion with his wife, Gaby, who is just a beautiful person, inside and out.  Franz is wonderful, also.  He's a big teddy bear of a guy, who's smile could melt anyone's heart.  Franz knew absolutely NO English when he arrived in the states to travel with us, but it was so important to him to be able to have meaningful conversations with everyone, that he was completely fluent before the end of the year.  Since then, he's traveled extensively, and his English is even better. 


So, it came about that during some free time at the reunion, he announced that he would be giving a Chocolate Tasting.  We all gathered at the appointed time, in the hospitality suite that had been rented for our cast to gather in.  $200 per night X 4 had been donated by various members of the cast to pay for the suite.  It was a great place and we had a birthday celebration there - more on that later - and we brought in stuff to drink, and pizza one night, and cold cuts another.  We had our cast meeting there, and watched a slide show of pictures from our year.  There was even a huge balcony that overlooked the pool and the golf course.  The president of the Alumni Assoc. was staying in a suite just like it. 


So, we all gathered around and Franz explained that we all needed to be quiet and to really listen and pay attention to the sensations of the chocolate.  He consults for a company called Fechlin, and he explained briefly about the process of making chocolate, where it comes from (Venezuela, Ecuador, Java, and Madagascar) and that this chocolate we'd be tasting was in the top 3% in terms of quality.  Soon, the joking all stopped and we were mesmerized, including the kids. 


He had pamphlets that explained about how the cocoa beans are gathered, and made into chocolate, the precision that goes into making sure every lot is up to the standards required by the company, and how to properly taste fine chocolate.  We tasted seven different kinds, beginning with the darkest and finishing with the creamiest milk chocolate.  Each time, he explained about the particulars of that one, the flavors in it, the source, etc.  We opened the packages, looked it over, to be sure there were no streaks, or white edges.  We rubbed it with our thumbs to release the aroma.  We broke it in half and listened for the snap that would indicate the cocoa content. (the more cocoa, the more solid it is, resulting in a harder snap).  And then, you take a piece in your mouth, let it melt over your tongue and slide down your throat.  Hold your breath for a moment, and concentrate only on the flavors and texture.  The pamphlet I have says that the best time to taste chocolate is late morning or late afternoon, because that is when your senses are most receptive.  The chocolate was beyond words, and I was amazed at how well, Erin took it all in.  She was very serious about the whole process. 


It was really an incredible experience, and I know Franz was incredibly pleased that he was able to do that for us, to share his passion.  OK, I'll share about the birthday party, since that involves Franz also.  On Wed night, before everyone had arrived, we had a birthday party in the suite for Regina, who turned 40 on Thursday.  She is from Switzerland also, but has lived in Melbourne with her husband and daughter for 4 years.  Franz insisted he would take care of the cake.  So, there we are gathered in the suite, when the door opens, and in walk three chefs along with Franz.  They were carrying three masterpieces -- two cakes that looked like the most beautiful torts, with fruit slices, and... oh goodness they were beautiful.  The third piece was a chocolate sculpture, similar, but much smaller than something Franz would do in a competition.  It had an oval chocolate base, and then two stems coming up, with large flowers made out of chocolate.  Around the base were chocolate covered strawberries.  Franz had contacted the pastry chef at the resort, who turned out to be someone he knew, and had arranged for these to be done.  The Head Pastry Chef, I think his name was Chris Johnson, kept deferring to Franz and saying that he hoped these would be OK, and up to the standards he had requested.  Just incredible. 


It was just so much fun, and that was only one small part of the whole week.  I really wish I could have shared it will all of you. 



I think I gained 4 lbs just reading that story.  Now I'm going to gain another 10 lbs after running to the store to get some chocolate. 


Thanks for sharing that great story.  Now from the way you describe things in such great detail.....I can see why you were down when you came back. lol 


You can share it with us through your stories. 


do tell...... 

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August 11, 2005, 8:03 pm CDT

hi y'all

Thanks everyone for the sound advice.  Its always appreciated......if I didn't want the good/bad/ugly stuff, I wouldn't post what is going on in my head.   


Kak - thanks for the song.  I went and read the nice!!!  I have always liked Garth's songs. 


I really am trying to take it slow.  Instead of just the two of us there is six......  His kids want me to move there....lmao.   


We are having fun and enjoying our time alone when we can get it.  The other night his kids wanted us to go out so badly.....they say we never have time to ourselves.  I honestly think his daughter just wanted to pick out some clothes for us to wear.  We never went out, we were both tired from the day.  Like now....yawn!!!! 


I just wanted to send out a post to let you all know that I'm cool......and happy.  


He will be here tomorrow evening with his kids to meet a whole bunch of my relatives, should be fun.  We are also going for a round of golf, I'm sure I will get the highest score. 


So everyone have a great weekend, but who knows I may just get on here tomorrow before they arrive. 


KAK - I just checked my email........thanks so much for the pics of your baby.  They are super and she is beautiful.  Our little one here is growing and growing and growing too....he weighs about 6lbs now.  But gee he sure likes paper....ALOT!!!!! 


Bye for now all 





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August 11, 2005, 8:05 pm CDT

jp 0

Hey there, before I forget my pic is of two little girls on a bed reading a book.......I am going to have to find my faerie girls back.

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