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August 17, 2005, 7:38 am CDT

Living on One Income

Quote From: pitterpat

how do you manage?

Living on one income is a huge challange. Not only are most homes two incomes but then there is 

no one to bounce things off of and share the responsibilitys of running a household. I tell my family 

that most household are working 80 hrs a week (40 for husband & 40 for the wife) . In order to sucessfully run my household I work 80+ house a week. This is increased by the fact I sell real estate and I'm on comission. Basically I take care of my real estate business first , second my 

personal finances. If family or friend don't understand , oh well. I have been managing this life 

style for 26 years and I'm in the top 5% of my field. The only thing I can't seem to manage is the stress, can anyone help me with that?       

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September 2, 2005, 2:11 pm CDT

Living on One Income

Quote From: queentween

Congratulations on your success in Real estate- good for you if thats what you want! I'm not willing to give up 80 hours a week of my life for money- but thats just me. If stress is giving you a problem, you should figure out where its coming from and eliminate or minimize that from your life. I would suggest that you talk with some of your family or friends, but it doesn't sound like you have any time for that........

Thank you for your suggestion that I should talk with family or friends, the ones that understand are either single like myself and might have also worked on comission. I don't really feel that I'm working for the money. I forgot to tell you that I live 22 miles from Washington DC and it is very expensive. I live in a upper middle class neighborhood. The stress is from not knowing week to week what I will make, comission is very hard to live on. I hear people with two incomes coming 

into a household  weekly and I don't understand that I feel you just need a budget. I can't budget when I don't know what I'm making. My family does not understand. They have a different life from me there both marrried with children.    


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