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July 23, 2005, 1:27 pm CDT

Lookin for love

I am one that believes in true love however I just haven't had the chance to test it out for myself.  I'm 23 years old and soon to be 24 and have yet to date once and believe it or not, I'm a member of the small unknown group call the VLC  (Virgin Lips Club)  I don't feel bad about it. In fact I am totally enjoying the freedom I have.  My biggest fear is ..well.. fear.  B/c I am getting older I am also getting more and more anxious of how to react if a guy eventually shows interest in me.  I know some day it will happen, but until then I am just going to live out my life and enjoy every moment until I have the chance to prove that true love does exsist.



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July 24, 2005, 7:24 am CDT

Nothing is Wrong!

when you least expect it, someone will walk into your life. you won't even be looking for them.

Hi ya,

I'm 23 too and am in the same position as you, single.   I have yet to even have been asked out not to mention go on a date. I'm fine with that now, but you know for a while I struggled with that.  I tried to tear myself apart then tear the guys that showed intersted apart to see what I was lacking.  Then I discovered that it was me being me.  I, myself, wasn't lacking anything.   The guys in my life loved me for me but not in the way I wanted them to.  So I tried changing things to make myself the girl they wanted.  And they did flirt more but that was all.  So I stepped back and began looking at who I wanted to be.  And it's really helped.  I know before I ever get in a relationship I want to be secure in my money management skills.  I also wanted to travel and I knew I might not find a person who wanted to do the same thing so I'm doing it alone or with friends.  The great part is I haven't had time to worry about them.  And if I find him in my single life goals then that will be great.  I know I haven't really answered the question about they guy with whom you're having troubles, but basically all I can say is just back off.  I wouldn't even be his friend friend for a while.  If you do that.. it will build mystery and you will become something he can't have.  And trust me the only man that deserves you is the man willing for fight for you.  He will be so much better than any flirtious fling.

Keepin single and happy,



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