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July 23, 2005, 11:42 am CDT

My husband cheated on me for the 4th time

I am so upset about my situation, and don't know what to do. We have been married for 11 years, and have two kids. My husband has always used different excuses as to why he cheated on me. The last time, he had a relationship with another woman, that was married also. He says he has stopped seeing her, and wants to work on our marriage, but I am just so hurt, and feel like a fool. Also, I don't trust that he has stopped seeing her. I still love him very much, but I also have a lot of anger and hurt. So many of my friends say just dump him, and I know I should, but I keep thinking about how hard it would be to be without him. I know he has major emotional problems, and it's not my fault that he has these affairs. No matter how I was, he would still do it, and unless he changes, will with anyone he's with in the future. Is there an easier way to get over these feelings? It's affecting my career, my children, my life. I think about it all the time, because I see her quite a bit since they live in the same town, or other things that instantly remind me of the affair. I have to say I can't imagine being without him, but I'm hurting being with him too, and wonder why I would still want to be his wife. Anyone have any answers?

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