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August 29, 2006, 10:00 am CDT

They Finally Arrested Warren Jeffs!!!


Finally they caught up with him. I hope they throw the key away.

He was arrested yesterday in Las Vagas, along with one of his so called wives, Naomi Jeffs, and a brother, Isaac Steve Jeffs, both 32. I has been decided if he face extradition to Arizona or Utah.


I hope any women that have been forced to be a part of his scum bag life can feel a little relief from this arrest.   PW

August 29, 2006, 10:14 am CDT

Where Are They All?


I'm here,

I've been on Ambien for about 2 years. First the 10 mg and 6 months ago switched to the Ambien CR which is not all it's cracked up to be. It's a tablet so you can't break it in half, which I would do from time to time with the 10mg. Not sleeping can affect every part of your being. It's horrible.


I'm bipolar. I've been to therapy, and the docs discovered about 3 years ago. I am feeling so much better on meds. My doc got them perfect with the first try. Then I went into MP 5 years ago. The MP just recently started to be a problem. That just made me kookier. I would suggest that if you are over 45 and your cycle has been weird and you just know something is funny, go to your OB and ask them to do the bloodtest. I actually made a list of all the symtoms I was having. When I went to my appt, I gave my doc my list, and he knew right away. They did the bloodwork ( I'm waiting for a call back) but he already started me on Femhrt.




August 29, 2006, 10:33 am CDT

Work Should Begin At Home


I can't believe what I was watching on TV last year. It reminded me of Andrew. I have some mixed feelings.

I blame the local gov and then the nat gov. Nagan failed! Then Bush failed! The state of LA has been aware of the levies. The local and state gov lined their pockets instead of correcting what they never really thought would happen. Shame on you!


We are so willing to help all the countries but the gov DOES NOT take care of those on our own soil. Regardless of race, creed or color, the average Joe does not get the help it used to when my parents were my age.


Granted, we are always taught to prepare. Katrina was a 5 for god sakes! It's like people of NO just sat and waited. They should have started 4 days out.


The first 72 hrs is the most important. We actually prepared again yesterday and were are waiting for Ernesto. I'm in Florida. I guess here we have had more storms so it's almost 2nd nature. The problem now is that Floridians can't afford to own their houses anymore. I know people having to sell because their payment went up 200 percent. They are selling and leaving the state.


There was just such poor poor planning on everyone part with Katrina. Residents had no way to leave. Then the levies broke. The problems just kept stacking.


My hearts are still with all the residents who were affected.



August 29, 2006, 1:21 pm CDT


Quote From: brighteyestw

Dr. Phil,

First of all, I would like to say that it is a good thing that you were "In the House", as so stated by Mayor Nagin, pompously, in my opinion.  I didn't feel the warm welcome for you, but you stood your ground, and I say to that ...You  Go Dr Phil !!   Eddie Compass was forced to quit his job and Mayor Nagin can't even stand up and take his responsibility in this...which might be an idication to some/part of why New Orleans is still in the shape it is in.  We can all voice our opinions , talk if you will, make promises, but ultimately our actions are what prevails.  Eddies commitment, compassion, willingness to stand for what he believes, and showing his true human emotions and spirit, to me, far outweighs anything that has taken place here......One last thought...Eddie, "Maybe you should run for Mayor!!" 


Can you believe they elected him again? What is wrong with those people?

After the 911 comment he made ( the I'm sorry didn't cut it ), he is not fit to be in office



August 29, 2006, 1:40 pm CDT

Florida As An Example


Nagin should have paid attention to Gov Bush and the success Florida has had with it's hurricanes. Florida is the most prepared and the most experienced. Jeb Bush has always been there and  has made discisons and taken action way before the storms approched..


I sometimes wonder if Jeb is even related to the Bush family.



August 29, 2006, 2:00 pm CDT

You Are Nuts ----- > lol

Quote From: deja126

  I have watched so many shows about Katrina and all the people suffering, it makes me mad and sad. I'm mad at Bush because he promised so much and gave so little, I'm sad to see how these people are living when they don't have to live this way if the government would get off their asses and help. I was thinking if everyone who could afford to, pick 1 family and send them money once a month until they get back on their feet, even $100.00, I think it would help them buy things they need and take some of the stress off. I know alot of you reading this think I'm nuts for sugesting  we do this but if we don't then who will. I know I would love to recieve help if I was in their shoes. The kids need school supplies and clothes . I'm not even from the states but my heart breaks for all of them and I can afford to helpif I could figure out  away to reach them one on one. I don't want to sen money to Res Cross or Salvation Army because I want to know the money I send goes directly into the familys pocket for things they need.

If anyone has any input to add, please do I need some advice on how to do this.


Did I hear you right?

These days the working people are having trouble just buying food, gas, and Floridians are being forced to sell and move because insurance companies canceled them, and in many cases declined claims and passed them off as flood instead of wind damage. Home owners has gone up 200 to 300 %. Yes, you read that right and it's not a typo error. Everyone has reached hard times. Many many people donated. I sent gift packages for kids with a company from Tampa, that contained an array of things from toothbrushes, toothpaste, crayons color books, playdough etc, just to help them thru that crazyness. Not much but I'm sure they enjoyed it.


Yes the kids needs help, but what is insure any will go to school supplies. Only 29% have returned to school.



August 29, 2006, 3:01 pm CDT

It's Politics

Quote From: hrunge11

   I have read many messages here on the message boards. I'm new on Dr., and it has been very interesting seeing everyone's opinions.

   I am only 19. I am a sophomore at Purdue University in industrial engineering. However, do not think that because I am young, I am naive to these situations.

   I gave up my first college spring break to travel to New Orleans with Campus Crusade for Christ. While I was there I gutted three houses with a group of about 15 people. I saw more and experienced more than I ever thought possible. The devastation is universal, but we worked in the lower 9th ward where the damage was greatest. I will never forget the families that we helped and the things that we saw.

   I've thought of a lot since Katrina battered the gulf coast, but one of the prevalent topics is who to blame. Nagin failed, Bush failed, the government failed, FEMA failed. I firmly believe that there is no ONE person to blame. The aftermath of Katrina was the result of years of neglect and bad decisions.

   I lived in Florida in 1992 when Andrew hit, and one thing that everyone worried about was that Andrew would turn towards the below-sea-level New Orleans, knowing that the levees may not have been able to withstand a hurricane of Andrew's magnitude... that they weren't built for it. Thus I ask my question: Why wasn't something done in 1992? They KNEW that the levees weren't good enough, but they let it go. And now where are we? Hundreds of people dead, thousands of lives changed forever. People say that the government couldn't fund something like that, but I ask: What is money? Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt, and we still spend money. Maybe I really don't know much about that side of things, but I think that thousands of peoples lives and livelihoods would have been worth it.

  So stop the blame game! It doesn't matter anymore about what happened or didn't happen, who was wrong or right. What matters now is that we work to improve what we now have. Fix the levees, gut the houses, begin again. I know that if they still need help this Spring Break, I am willing to give it, and thats what we all need to be doing. Thank you, everyone, for all you have done to help these people. And always remember that only by remembering the past can we better our futures.


Nobody wants to talk about the real source. Can you say POLITICS?


The gov is so busy trying to win the game and go home with the most toys that our own country takes a backseat. The Middleeast is just the tip of the iceberg. Do some reading on what really happens in Washington. The oil crisis is overwelming. There are some great books that will really open your eyes and might help you understand why the gov has things they feel are more important on their adgenda.


Sorry, I did not mean to get off the real subject here.

August 30, 2006, 8:47 am CDT


Quote From: jenaka

Hello all,

I live in Wyoming and I have a Daughter and 3 Grandson's in southern Mississippi. And I have been very much affected by Katrina and the aftermath. All day I been hearing all about New Orleans and frankly I am getting tired of it. For the last Year I been sending monthly checks to my daughter to help, even though my husband is disabled and we live on less the $1200 a month. She is working two jobs, my grand son's spend more time with the babysitter then with their mother, just so she can make end meet. I can imagin she is not the only one in that position.

The only place to live she could find after Katrina, was 45 miles north of Long Beach. Her Ex-Husband and his family live inLong Beach and the "most wise Mississippi Law" gave them 50/50 custody over their kids at their divorce. So you see, my daughter can not move away from there, her ex just will not allow that. She has a home and a job waiting here in Wyoming any time she is able to come back home.

But back to Katrina and my complaint: My daughter has to fix,change or replace tires on her car at least twice a month, and so does everyone that has to do a lot of traveling to do to get to and from work, or even shopping. So much junk on the road from the clean-up, there is a very serious tire shortage in southern Mississpi, and what tires they can get are outragesly expansive.

Slowly, very slowly, she is getting back on her feet. Katrina took everything she had, FEMA gave her $2000.00 for her loss, and since she is working she does not have the time to stand in line with the rest of the people to get hand-outs, and for that fact she does not want hand-outs as long as she can work and pay for her own way.

All day on TV they are talking about New Orleans, what about the rest of the coast that got destroyed? What about the rest of the people that had to start all over again? What about the people that have not been able to even beginn to start all over again and have just bearly existed for the last year? What about the Native Americans in southern Louisiana that still have no electicity and no way of getting any? What about all of them? Did Katrina whiped the map clean on the Golf Coast and just leave New Orleans? Does the rest of the coast do not have a voice?

Even Dr. Phil is concentrating only on New Orleans. What about Biloxi Dr. Phil? What about the rest of the coast? Are the people there non-existent?

  greetings from a very frustrated and conserned mother

              Jenaka Curtis


Her ex would not allow it ????? I hope he has not made any threat to her.


Your daughter should look into the possibility of moving close to her family, if she has not done so. Regardless of what the 50/50 law is in Mississippi, because these are indeed certain circumstances, that I'm sure would be reviewed. This is a time when families need each other, and need the comfort. Please have he look into it.



August 30, 2006, 9:10 am CDT

The Whole Gulf Coast / More than just NO


I'm starting this new thread because I believe we need to hear from all the residents in AL and Mi. I don't blame those here from other areas being pissed off becasue 90% of the Katrina coverage has been all about NO. It's like they forgot about 2 states.  Hello


We could all learn something here. By listening to others who have been affected and hearing if their local or state gov are doing their job,. we know the Fed gov has not and is not), we can use this as a tool when we vote.


This is a learning experience about being an American, a voter and a tax payer. When we go to the polls, lets have done our homework. This country is in BIG trouble! Read and research the politcations.  Everyone here has a computer. :-)  I am sick of only 2 parties. I'm sick of the 'Good Ole Boy Club'. There are some really scary things about our gov, Iran, oil etc.


Let's share info here and try to do something with it. I would love to get involved.

September 5, 2006, 12:45 pm CDT

Family Members Never Discussed


Growing up, one of my grandfathers (my dad's dad) was never talked about. As a kid I never thought much about it because he passed away way long before I was born. I remember over hearing a few voices being raised between the adults and my grandfather's name being men -tioned from time to time. All I knew was that he would disappear ( leave the house and not come back for days or a few months at a time ). I knew my dad did not get along with him.


Three years ago, when my dad passwed away, my stepmom gave me a box with some things (information / papers etc) of my grandmother's. There were also some newspaper articles about my grandfather. One of the articles had a picture with some men carring a stretcher out of some woods. I came to find out that my grandfather commited suicide. He slit his throat with a razor. In another article it aslo mentioned that my great uncle ( my grandfather's brother)  had killed himself the same way with the same razor. I was stunned. He had mental health problems.


Right after my dad's death ( heart attack ), i was having some mental health issues. I went to therapy and I was put on meds. It was discovered I was bipolar. After discussing life growing up and some adulthood issues, the diagnoss answered some things for me. It made me understand why I acted a certain way, made choices in my life and done certain things. I also had my doubts that I was really bipolar because it seems we've heard so many stories about excuses of bipolar disorder in the past few years. When my meds worked with the first week of being put on them I suddenly felt normal, I excepted it. I still have issues that I manage and I still see someone.


Sorry for the run on here.

I was angry that my family never told me about my grandfather's condition as I got older. Medically that is very important. When my doc asked me about pass illness in my family I told him there were none. Me knowing might have made a difference in my seeking help or understanding of my condition eariler than at 47.


Please discuss mental health issues with your family no matter how embarassing it might be. It's nothing to be ashamed of. I feel so much better and my life is happier. I wish my family had told me when I was at an age when I would have understood.


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