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July 28, 2005, 3:45 pm CDT

searching for biological parent


Hi I live in Wisconsin and adopted a girl from the Wisconsin State Building in Milwaukee... The child was born in Lake Geneva Lakeland Hospital on 6/9/71 at 5:17 a.m. The name we have for the biological parent at that time was "KOPAK" the name that was given to my daughter by the women was 'JENNIFER" we changed it to Machelle....She now has 2 children, a girl 12yrs. and a boy 7yrs....We are mainly interested in any health reports we could get...I remember the case worker mentioning something that the girl had Asthma, and was I think 16yrs. old... We do not know anything about the biological father, he also was very young... The biological parent was adopted into a family also so it is really a puzzle to try and find out anything... She supposedly is German and Italian, we don't know if the family that adopted her was this nationality or she was when they adopted her... We would very much like it if someone could solve this case of the biological parent with a maiden name of "KOPAK"

The e-mail address that you can send any information to is...

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August 22, 2005, 9:27 am CDT

Looking for biolological parent

 Hello to anybody that can help me and my adopted daughter who we adopted at the age of 7 weeks old... She was born in Lake Geneva on June 7 1971 at Lakeland Hospital, we have a name that we accidentally saw of the biological parents maiden name and I am sure by now has changed... that name was something like, "KOPAK" she we understand was also adopted by a family so we are hoping that who ever adopted her got better information about her past with any problems that we can maybe relate to my daughters problems... She now has 2 children, one is 12 a girl and a boy who is 7, it sure would be nice if we could get some medical info if any... We know nothing about the biological father either.... We also know that this girl named my daughter "Jennifer" and we changed that name to Machelle,... We adopted her through the State of Wisconsin Adoption Agency in Milwaukee..... We don't want to know any other information except medical if there is any.. and some info about the biological father... 

I know I had another plea on this network but I am hoping that someone would identify any of this info I have put in this letter... Thank you,  


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