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September 15, 2007, 7:51 am CDT

age doesn't matter

i was unhappily married to someone 17 years older than aunt is married to someone 25 years older and they are very sister is married to a man 17 years younger than her and they are depends on the person, not the age.  my sister and her husband have very similar views on religion, music, and many other things plus they both think the other is hot stuff!  if you are compatible, you are compatible....i will say 38 with an 18 year old is a little weird..i can't think of a thing i would say to an 18 year old but.....maybe they aren't talking......
November 11, 2007, 11:08 am CST

daughter in danger

Quote From: bullroar

I think this family should give it up. If this girl is dumb enough to fall for this guy and go clear across the sea to get to him... then you can't do a thing about it. It's her life and she will be sorry some day and I would say sooner rather then later. But the family has no RIGHT to force her to do anything.  Say good bye and wish her luck.  She did it once and she will continue to do it.  All the family will do is throw good money and heart after bad, trying to get her back.  She is being bullheaded and maybe a little sick but she's of age.


PS  If she ever comes back to the US, I'd say watch her because she might be brain washed. 

you never give up...this girl is delusional and somehow he has said the ''magic words''. some people just have power and know how to use it. she will regret this forever. if she hasn't married him yet, he has no respect for her, as no muslim man would. if she has married him , she is basically trapped and when she has children and decides this life is wrong, she will never get them out of there and if she DOES, she will have to hide for the rest of her life. i lived in france years ago and many french women married muslims and when the man decided to go back to his country, he took their kids and it took years of legal work to get even visitation rights. HA. it is a nightmare.
January 5, 2008, 7:49 am CST


i may be in la la land but i am turning 60 in august, am overweight( and losing weight)....but i don't obsess about my age. i don't think i look it, every says i don't..i don't feel it inside--sometimes the outside does!!!! i bought into oprah's ''50 is the new 30'' and i am living like it is the truth! i remember what my grandmother looked like at 45-50 and she was an old woman. i see older --maybe they are my age!?- women and wonder why the hairdo, why the clothes? color your hair, wear comfortable stylish clothes and have fun.
January 27, 2008, 11:04 pm CST

baggy pants

first of all the baggy pants style comes from the prisons where the ''female'' or receptive male wears his pants like that to show he is ready to submit to a homosexual act. so why anyone would want to emulate that i can't imagine...secondly there is a law against indecent might not like your gran's ugly sweater but it is probably covering up her bosom. you might not like a man's pinstripe suit, but you can't see his butt... when i see morons wearing the baggy pants i have 2 he gay? and where is a cop when you need one!?

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