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September 29, 2005, 2:54 pm CDT

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I've been taking my 12 yr. old daughter to therapy every week for over a year doing cbt 

therapy. Her therapist thinks my daughter needs meds and it has been one step forward three 

steps back. The house is getting more contaminated and the less places she can walk thru, touch 

and be free to just be. My heart aches for her and it is also hard for the family to cope. I believe 

in meds but am nervous. My now 24 yr. old was treated for depression when she was 14 and after 

taking prozac became manic and was diagnosed w/ bipolar. I have been looking for a psychiatrist 

and it seems like all the good ones don't take insurance and I'm worried that my husband will flip 

out if I pay a doctor not on our plan. The therapist I take her to isn't on our plan, but I really like 

her and I am seeing her as well w/ other of my issues past & present. Does anyone have any 

good feedback about ocd and meds for children? 

Thank you and God Bless 


My son is 12 years old and was diagnoses at age 4.  He was on Prozac and is now on Fluoxetine.  It has really made a difference, but is not a cure all.  A few years ago (when he was 8) he had developed some tics and the psyciatrist suggested we go off the medication over the summer.  It was ok for about a month or so, but then his OCD got so bad that he became unable to cope with anything.  We had to rush home from our summer vacation (cutting it short) to get him to the doctor.  He put him back on, but it took over a month for things to even out again.  It was very frightening (we though we were going have to hospitalize him.)  One thing I do know - he cannot go off it again! 

I should also mention he takes other meds for ADHD and a mood disorder.  he has also been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. 


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