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September 13, 2008, 5:58 am CDT

Facing The Down In The Valley Days

I can totally relate to being involved with divorced parents. My parents divorced after 35 years of marriage. I have 4 siblings and I am in the middle. It was harder on me as I really tried hard to get along with both. I was living at home still and it was so difficult. My health started failing with very serious spine issues and at least my parents got to where they would talk. I loss my father to the battle of cancer in 2001 but I was glad that at least they were speaking to one another before he started his eternal life with God. I am excited about this book. I have not gotten it but will! The Seven Keys to Success -The Weight Loss Challenge guide me to losing 152 pounds and I was on Dr. Phil in 2005. I just had three critical spine surgeries and was so happy that I too thought I was going to be getting married after being divorced since 1989! Well, my engagement resolved without any communication. I am praying that it will work out. He will no longer respond but on the last communication he said that he would never want to work it out. Hopefully, at the least we can me dear friends as he was so good to me. I do want to have that someone special and deserve it! Again, look forward to the new book. Hang in there! SUSU

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