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January 13, 2007, 11:25 pm CST

Mom at 18

I picked the wrong man and married at 17 and had my first child just after my june birthday.  I was barely 18 years old.  Had the next one at 19, just barely 19.  They were 11 mos apart.  I had three girls after that.  Two wonder boys and three beautiful daughters.  My husband was a rapist (other women) and a thief.  He spent alot of time in jail and I divorced him because he was stealing my money.  He never paid support.  He also beat my two boys.  I raised the children the rest of the time alone.  I kept them in line as I was the mom and they were the children.  I played with them, counted to 3 when they didn't do what I told them.  We were very poor and were grateful for xmas packages from loving strangers.  I didn't go to church with them, I would change that.  4 of my children are gainfully employed and raising their children with the love I poured on the.  One is into addiction.  He is 48 and not likely to change.  He left 3 boys for this choice.  They are doing well though as they have a stepfather who was there.  I'm not an expert, but you have to correct the children when they do wrong, emphasise you still and always will love them.  Don't try to be their friend, just a pal when they need an ear.    I'm 67 now and happy

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