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September 14, 2005, 5:57 am CDT

Aunts Raising sisters kids....

Quote From: bebopbetty

Thank the dear Lord for you being able to have your two granddaughters and save them from the system. I am raising my first granddaughter (12) and denied access to her older sister (my son and two woman). We spent 28,000.00 to save Ash and she is worth it as we get the loving!  I run CANGRANDS a support group for GRG and kinship families in Canada.
 Hi, i'm not a Grandparent, but i am raising two kids that are my sisters two oldest kids, and it's not easy at all, i have six of my own, and money is always a problem, but the love and they way I can see them growing and becoming more and more trusting of  my family and I is worth it all. I can go on forever, at one time i had all four of the kids, but that was way to much, and everyday i think about it i'm hurt because i wish i could have kept all of them togather.

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