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Created on : Friday, February 03, 2006, 04:20:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

On the outside, they seem like an all-American family, but behind closed doors is a household spinning out of control. Dr. Phil follows up with Bridgette, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, and her husband, Michael, who is a rageaholic.  Bridgette's excessive spending was covering up a much darker problem. She reveals a secret she has been hiding for 30 years: self-mutilation. Dr. Phil reveals that her son, David, cuts himself as well. And that's not all! Tempers flare as the children reveal that they are addicted to porn, and say it’s a habit that started when they were children. Will this family in crisis be able to pick up the pieces and move forward? Talk about the show here.


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February 9, 2006, 1:32 pm CST

reality check

Dear Dr. Phil- 

I am so apalled by this mother.  She needs to quit all the lying, to her husband, children,YOU, and especially to herself.  How can you not know what is or is not going on in your own house? I am a wife and mother, I know almost everything that is going on around here, even with my 19 year old step-son.  Outof all the people in that family, she needs the most help. She needs to stop WHINING and get a clue that she has contributed to the problems that her children have. She needs a dose of reality. I do not know how you can remain so calm whe she is bold face lying to your face. 

February 9, 2006, 1:32 pm CST

She pulled a fast one on Dr Phil

What is wrong with Dr Phil that he would be so downright gullible. I have watched his show since the inception but this woman was a liar and manipulator. Dr Phil acted like he didn't even hear her say "No one knows I cut myself" when seconds earlier  2 of the 3 kids said they knew. Where was his mind? She needs to be locked up and the doctor husband needs to recognize the root of his anger...HER! 

I would be angry too if I had to live with the liar. I agree, Dr Phil..I Gotta Throw the BS flag on this one too!!!!!!!!!!!  

February 9, 2006, 1:33 pm CST

This family is making stuff up to stay on the show!

What is going on here? This family has been on this show 3 times and each time they are on, they throw more trash into the mix. I think most of this crap is being made up and acted out for the camera's. First it was the wife's spending problem, then the kids, then the husbands temper, and now......cutting!  

The doctor is basically putting his career in the crapper. WHO in their right mind would allow him to treat them after hearing the type of life he lives and how he treats/talks to his own wife and kids.  

The wife....she's addicted to attention and does everything in her power to have it focused on her. Even if it means making up crap, cutting herself, shopping and being abusive to her kids.  

The kids......messed UP!  

 I believe this family is making stuff up to continue to be asked to come back to the show. The wife recently even "hinted" that they have never been on a family vacation together......My bet is she was hoping Dr. Phil would arrange one.  

This is boring......and ridiculous. Certainly there are many other situations out there that would make a better show than this! UGH......your 15 min. is OVER 

February 9, 2006, 1:38 pm CST

Emotionless mom

Am I the only one who notices how bizarrely emotionless this woman is? I mean, even when she's arguing with someone, her eyes look dead and her voice is monotone and her expression doesn't change. She has ONE facial expression. Maybe she's overmedicated.
February 9, 2006, 1:39 pm CST


I guess Iam very sad that this man is a doctor as doctor are they not to help people. In this family  no one loves them self.  please DrPhil help them what saddness.  what they are doing as parents there children will do the same.  how can this man help others when the most important,people in he life. are dieing 

February 9, 2006, 1:47 pm CST


Doesn't anyone think this woman is just a complete crock?  I think she has a pathological lying problem and her children have given up and her husband is just whipped.
February 9, 2006, 1:51 pm CST

I agree

Quote From: enigma101

If shes so lonely why doesnt she get a job or volunteer some where. I think its all just made up stories. Oh boohoo my lifes so bad i live in a big house my doctor husband is never home oh boo hoo. Im sorry but do something about it then. 

This woman needs to ge out of the house and quit expecting everyone else to make her happy. She needs to go back to school, get a job, etc. Does she have a mental illness? Who knows? This does seem to be more attention seeking, espcially since she has done it in front of her kids.It is sad that her kids have seen her cut herself. In some areas, if the kids are minors they would be taken away from her. If her husband is smart, he wil have her committed.
February 9, 2006, 1:54 pm CST

02/09 Family Secrets, Family Lies

Quote From: rockxrollo

That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life.
"No I'm not the mistress - but he needs one. "   "That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life."
Yes that is ignorant and could do even more damage to this family! As Dr.Phil said in some show, trying to fix a marriage by turning away from it won't fix it. if this person gets a mistress, it won't help the family at all. his responsibility as a family member is to help the family succeed, not be some weak person relying on his instincts. how ridiculous!  :(
February 9, 2006, 1:59 pm CST


February 9, 2006, 2:03 pm CST

Cycle of self-destruction

The whole family is caught up in a negative cycle.  The doctor husband works hard in order to insure financial security for the family and is well admired by his patients and colleagues.  Yet, he is too exhausted from work and is physically and emotionally unavailable for his family.  This leads his wife and children to feel neglected.  On top of that, because he has no time to de-stress, he vents his anger and frustration on his family.  In turn, his children and wife suffer depression and confusion.

The mom possesses an "entitlement" view of life.  She seems to lack an identity outside of her role as a wife of a rich doctor.  She does not even seem to see herself as a mother figure.  She does no work besides shopping.  She doesn't belong to a gym, club, or participate in charity work, and is clearly lost.  She is much too dependent on her husband to provide her with security and meaning.  It's as if she defines herself solely as someone deserving of romance and "true love" without realizing that in and of itself, that is not sufficient to make her feel useful, needed, and worthy in life.  So she is starving for attention from her husband but with his busy schedule (and his own personality) he is unable to fulfill that void.  It is also very sad that she seems to love no one -- not her children, not her husband.  I believe at one point she even stated that she had married Michael only because her ma wanted her to marry a doctor (for status and financial security).

The mom and the son in particular need serious individual counseling.  The son seems to be following the same depressed and self-mutilating road as the mother, who, for whatever reason, is unable to rise out of her own low self-esteem to be a better role model for her children.  Nor does she protect her children from the verbal abuse of the father...

I think that the mom is the core to the dysfunction in this family and she needs intense psychological help for her depression and self-mutilation, along with her addiction to shopping as a cure for her loneliness.  The children need better role models in their lives.  Because the dad is often absent from the home, the mom has the primary responsibility to provide the children with meaning and responsibility.  It is a shame the mom is unable to rise above her self-pity to enroll her children in sports teams and other activities.  However, the mom is too damaged and seems to be drowning n her own self-pity...

It is such a shame that the family seems to have no relatives or close adult friends who can help mentor the children.  It is also a pity that the children did not gravitate towards any teachers in their schools or leaders in their community.

One thing that I believe would help the entire family is for the three children and the mom to be placed in different volunteer organizations and athletics.  They need to feel there is some value to their lives.  Working with a team and other people and/or animals would help each family member to feel needed and be held accountable to a project/person/community.  Currently, all the children are following their mom's attitude in terms of feeling entitled to a never-ending source of monetary funds and material goods from the dad.  They should be made aware that the dad cannot be the sole provider for the family.  The dad (God forbid) may pass away or be disabled someday...They need to take accountability for their own lives.

I am impressed with the son.  He is very brave and I hope that the dad and the son can mend their separation and wounds by going to family counseling.  The two daughters too need family counseling.  The ma needs to go through individual and family counseling.

Dr. Phil, I believe in you and I know that this family will be greatly helped by your resources and advice.
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